Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walk, Click, Treat, Walk, Click, Treat, Walk, Click, Treat....

So I decided to do a little training with Sweetheart tonight.  It was dark but I have a nice lighted back porch so it worked well.  We played 'find it' and she did fabulous chasing those cheerios (honey nut cheerios) down and looking back at me almost immediately.  Then on to walking on a loose leash at my side.  She actually did fairly good at it once I got my walk, click, treat motion down.  I think teaching me to click and treat at the rights times is half the dang battle!  She is so much better focused at home.  She even did well when dogs around the neighborhood barked (although she did bark a bit during 'find it' but focused on me fairly quickly).

I am going to take my friend's advice (her grey Ady has done beautifully with obedience and freestyle training) and am going to call it a day with my two short training sessions since it is 8:15.  I will get home earlier tomorrow and will try to work with her 3 separate times on three separate behaviors.  My trainer said to do a '20 treat' session and that works out pretty well I have found.  Sweetheart doesn't get bored with them and she keeps her focus fairly well.

We are having some gorgeous weather in Oklahoma.  60's and 70's.  Yes, this is the same state that just had blizzard like conditions twice in the last two weeks.  Our weather is a little schizophrenic around here.  However, it is supposed to stay gorgeous out for a while.  I think I will take Sweetheart to the park near my house so she can be exposed to a new environment.  I am going to make a concerted effort to expose her to new things all that I can!  It should be lots of fun for both of us.

This picture may be on the blog already but I love it.  Her eyes look so sweet and kind (even though she is devious deep down):

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. Sounds like you are getting some good training advice. Keep it up!

  2. Big beautiful eyes! She has such a pretty face.

  3. I think the short sessions always work better with hounds. We even do short sessions in between commercials on TV. It's always a lot to ask from them to pay attention to you in the beginning of class, too!

    I love that sweet face!

  4. She really does have the most beautiful (& big) eyes!

  5. She does have lovely eyes. I must protest on her behalf at you calling her devious:)

    Keep up the training.

  6. Fortunately you are blessed with a big yard so she can get plenty of exercise. Keep up the good work! If I was tied to a leash for a year...I can't even imagine walking with a leash again. The act that you are accomplishing this with her is again nothing short of amazing!