Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So my friend and fellow greyhound fanatic posted on her Facebook page that her female greyhound Cami had dug a huge trench in their backyard.  We started commenting on this back and forth and I told her that my yard was worse their her yard.  She seems to think that her yard has been 'excavated' more than mine.  HAHAHA!  She obviously has NO idea who she is dealing with.

Below are some examples of the current landscaping projects my greyhounds have undertaken recently.

Cleo has dug this hole so deep it is almost as deep as she is tall!

We have moles in the back yard and Cleo and Sweetheart dig
random little holes trying to 'unearth' them.

Cleo, Sweetheart and Journey have dug these and will lay in
them and bask in the sun.

One day I am going to break my leg in one of these I just know it!
I am proposing a backyard picture contest.  Post your best greyhound landscaping picture on your comment(s) to this post or email them to me.  The person with the 'best' greyhound landscaping will win a prize from Sweetheart.  Contest is actually open to ALL landscaping artists out there, regardless of if they are greyhounds!

Please send me your pictures by Friday, February 25th!

Jess and Sweetheart


  1. I am NOT going to show these photos to Frankie and Beryl!!! I don't want them getting any ideas. Those are craters! Very impressive.

  2. Some are more trench-like and others resemble craters. :)

  3. Wow! I hope one of the hounds doesn't break a leg in one of those craters. We have moles too. I tell each new foster that I get, "if you catch/kill the mole I will give you a home!". No takers yet! I hate those pests.

  4. I wish we still lived in Bethel Acres...our back yard there would rival yours any day, lol...

  5. I think there may be a business opportunity - Greyhound Landscapers Inc.
    And - my Cami is thrilled there is another Greyhound who shares her name!

    X, Spiffo (Cami & Jakka)

  6. hahah oh wow. I caught Barbie digging yesterday and told her off. She blithely ignored me and continued to dig.... :P she makes little round indents to lie in.

  7. Bwaaa ha ha! Bunny is our digger here! She's planning an all expenses paid trip to China. Fortunately, we just have a turn out pen and she digs down, not trenches. Some days, you just see her butt and back legs sticking out!

  8. My dad would have a fit if Song attempted any digging:)

    Are we going to have another fur baby post soon?

  9. I can't find my Sachi-in-the-weeds picture. Darn it!

  10. Last Spring our back yard flooded in some areas. Booker, Our digger, found high ground on the berm on one side of our yard and dug into it and "made a place for himself" he passed unexpectedly shortly after this. We still have his "ledge" in our berm and have never had the heart to fill it in.

  11. can I send in the damage my cat's have done digging for moles? :) I feel so out of the loop! It always warms my heart to read this blog though. Thank you so much for being so persistent with the updates. :)