Sunday, February 6, 2011

More pictures.

Sleepy Sweetheart.  Notice the evidence of a de-stuffed toy
all around the sleepy girl?  And yes, she is the one who
de-stuffed it!!!  

Yes her front leg is still there.  She looks so
awkward eating this way with her leg tucked
underneath her.

Yes I am comfortable.  Please do not disturb me.

Awww, cute girl!  Pretty eyes and lots of spots!

GRRR!  Playful girl!  Sweetheart's favorite thing
is to wolf bite us or the other dogs.
Contemplating whether or not to get off of the couch.
Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.  She is photogenic when she is sleeping or lying on the couch.  :)


  1. Thanks for posting these. It's a true pleasure to see her looking so healthy and happy! Is that leg totally healed now?

  2. lol, look at the lazy Sweetheart eating lying down!

  3. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! She is so darn cute! And you know, it is utterly exhausting tearing up a stuffy!!!

  4. Yep, her leg is totally healed and has been for, oh, two months now? It gets little scrapes on it from time to time from her running around the backyard like crazy but those are never a big thing and they always heal up on their own. When the snow was deep this week she wouldn't always use that leg but would walk and run on three legs until she got inside. I am sure the cold affects that leg way more than the others since it doesn't have as much flesh on it and just a little hair. All in all, she does wonderful with it.

  5. She is always adorable, no matter what she's doing!

  6. Just love the way Greys smile. Also love the mischevious glint in their eye:)

  7. It is just hard to believe that it is the same dog in the picture at the top of your blog page and these pictures, you and everyone involved should be so very proud of what you have done, it just reminds me so of that saying "when you rescue one dog it will not change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one dog" and you have surely changed the world forever for this beautiful girl, thanks as always

  8. Lou: Thank you for the kind words. As I have said from the beginning, I feel privileged to have been able to help Sweetheart from the very beginning. I hope she is happy with Les and I and our herd. I am grateful that she is such a good girl and was such a good patient, I really had it easy with her recovery. Basically all she needed was a little food, a little love and a lot of bandage changes for that nasty little leg!

  9. Love Vinny He is a special Boy and well loved in town!! -
    Sweetheart is just that - Don't we love our greys. Nice Blog !!

  10. Wow, she is spoiled rotten and lives quite the Princess life...but she deserves every single second of it and every one of us would spoil her too :)