Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mall Pictures

Sweetheart at the mall.  A Sweetheart fan gave us this
collar.  Isn't it fabulous!

Sweetheart with two of our available fosters at the mall!


  1. Comparing that picture to the header picture - wow. Sweetheart finally knows what love is.

  2. Way to get out there and be an ambassadog, Sweetheart! If people don't want a Greyhound after meeting you, then I think they're completely unworthy!

  3. Several people said they wished they could adopt her, especially after she goes up to them and leans on them. :) Of course 'mom' here has to speak up and tell them she is mine. :)

  4. Fab photos. What a lovey collar and it suits Sweetheart.

    It amazes me how people I meet just don't realise that Greyhounds make such wonderful pets.

  5. I love the collar!! Sizzles would look very pretty in it ;-)