Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bandage change 10/7

The bandage change went well Sweetie's leg is still healing well.  Doc said everything looks good, the joints in her foot are a little stiff but should be fine once the bandage come off.  She weighed in a 52.6 lbs. which is good news since I have cut her back to one can a day and all the dry she can eat for the last week.  Doc said she has fattened up nicely and that she is pretty much all better except for the one wound.  So there will be a few more bandage changes in her future and she still has to be spayed.  We will get her spayed around the end of the month after the Sweetheart party on 10/27.

On the way to Prague vet. clinic.

So tired.

Soaking up all the A/C.

The only wound left it's about an inch across.

The outside of her leg has completely healed.

All wrapped up ready to go.

You can find all of the music on the videos at   it's a great site with free music that you can download from all over the world.  Barbara the song is bacon the artist is The Acousticals.   Everyone have a great night and thanks for following this blog.



  1. You're almost there Sweetheart! That leg looks amazing. My Sadie went to the vet today and she was tired too!

  2. Man, she's healing so well! I'm so happy for her!

    Thanks for the music tips!!

  3. Great News!! Glad there is only one wound left to heal. It is just encouraging to me to see such a beautiful creature overcome such Adversity and embrace life for all that is good. and love and appreciate those "humans" that helped her - considering other "humans" did this to her. She is an absolute inspiration to me!

    GREYT NEWS! GREYT Photos! Really happy to see her progress!

  4. Erika , Mom to MortyOctober 8, 2010 at 4:21 AM

    Fabulous Progress Sweetheart . Thanks Jess for the Update

  5. Her leg is looking so good. Can't wait for the day the vet says she's doesn't need a bandage.