Friday, October 15, 2010

Can of truth!

Soooo do any of you remember the pictures of Sweetheart with a dog food can perched over her back?  This was Lester's brilliant idea (no sarcasm intended for once LOL) to show all of you just how emaciated she was.  As you can see below, she was not even as wide as a regular sized can of dog food. 

Now check out the pictures of her now!  Who would have thought she would have gained that much weight in a month and a half?.  Not me, not Les and I really don't think Dr. Kolar or his staff thought she would be doing this good just two months out from her initial date of rescue.

She is playing so much more each day.  I had to go outside with her tonight and play fetch with her with the ball so she would burn some of her energy off.  She has also started doing that 'greyhound jook' thing.  If you have greys you HAVE to know what I am talking about.  When they get super revved up they will usually stand stock still and then kind of pounce down or to the side.  This is usually followed by frantic running in circles or back and forth if there is not enough room for circles.  It is so funny when they do that, especially for Sweetheart, since this was the first time I have seen her do it.  Send me a comment if your greys do this or you have seen them do it in the past.

She also tried to get Monte to play with her but he was eating and not enthused.  When I was playing ball with her outside she started getting silly and running circles and snapping at the ball each time she passed it.  She finally wore herself out enough so that I could bring her inside without worrying I would become a substitute chew toy.  :)

Sweetheart goes in for her bandage change tomorrow morning.  Les will be taking her by himself as I have to take a little drive (2 hours one way thank goodness for books on CD) to Webber's Falls to switch greys with an adoptive 'mom'.  Les will get pictures though and I will update the blog with them tomorrow.  I just wanted you all to see the neat 'can of truth' photos tonight.

Taken the evening of August 30th

Check out Monte being greedy on the right
Taken the evening of Oct. 15th.  She wasn't being too
cooperative and kept standing twisted like so that is
 why the pics may look a little funny.

Amazing the difference a little food and water makes!

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a Greyt Saturday!


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  2. Holy moly.....what a difference I can't believe it...well I can with the excellent care she has been given. And yes, I have seen Sophie and Izee do the very same thing you describe. For the longest time I have been trying to think who Sweetheart reminds me finally came to me..she looks like Admiral :)

  3. Wow, it's hard to believe what a little love and food can do, isn't it? Still want to pound you know who, the selfish...okay, I'll stop.

    You MUST get a video of the "greyhound jook" for those of us who've never seen it and can't see it in their heads either.

    Thank you for what you do. This dog is alive because of you - and so very happy!!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! Super job getting her fattened up! She looks greyt!

  5. Barbie does zoomies like that... she will go into a playbow, then pop out of it and tear around the living room, or up and down in the backyard. She likes the carpet cos she can dig her claws in for extra traction on the turns. Sometimes she will bunt her toy with her nose on her laps but she never carries anything cos she is running too fast!

  6. What a little pudding, lol!! It's not just food and water, it's the love too. She is one happy, content puppy now, thanks to you. And yes, I know the Greyhound look and burn ups all too well, gotta love 'em!

  7. She looks great! Her recovery is truly amazing!

    Yes, I know what that little maneuver is! Imagine taking your tiny Greyhound to Dewey Beach and having her decide to do it there on the beach, but getting the leash wrapped around her leg and letting out the Greyhound Scream of Death for everyone's amusement afterwards!

  8. How soon we forget just how bad she was. Her progress is amazing.

    Hope the bandage change goes well today.

    My Song often get's 'the wind up her knickers' as I call it. I live in a one bed apartment and so she doesn't have room to really let rip (she does that in my dad's garden). She looks like a spring all coiled up ready to uncoil, but holds herself in as she knows she can't in here.

  9. Lacie does the "Jook" quite frequently. She also does this on bed & couches. Stone gets jumpy & nippy when he gets excited. Brindle greys are my favorite, but all colors are pretty. Dobies are still my #1, but greys are a mighty close second. I love their roach positions with their tongue hanging out.

  10. Wow! What a dramatic improvement in her weight! I'm so glad she's doing well!

  11. The pictures speak a thousand words. Great job with Sweetheart! <3