Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday bandage change and video of Cleo the dirt devil!

The video above was taken a couple days ago and is a compilation of all of my girls playing.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Today Les and I took Sweetheart into Dr. Kolar's for another bandage change.  The entire leg is healed except one spot.  This spot it taking longer to heal but it is bright pink and is bleeding well when he removes the bandage.  Dr. Kolar didn't see any infection when he cleaned the leg and he feels all is going fine.  He put on a fresh Silverlon bandage and this Silverlon is a smaller size since she has just the one spot left to heal.  Dr. Kolar didn't wrap with gauze, vet wrap and tape as high up on her leg as he has had to before.  I am glad that she has a little more of her leg exposed to air and I am sure she is too.  

We weighed her and she weighs 53.4 pounds!  When we brought her into Dr. Kolar's August 13th, she weighed 31.4 pounds.  Our little Sweetheart has now gained a whopping 22 pounds in two months.  Astounding, stupendous, amazing, awesome and a miracle.  I could go on and on but needless to say, her recovery has been remarkable.  I never ever would have thought that two months into her recovery she would be this far along.  I am so happy each day she plays, runs and eats well.  She is a complete joy and her personality is really starting to shine.

The photos below are of her leg during today's bandage change.  After her vet visit today, Les and I stopped by my parent's house so they could see her.  Some of the pics were taken of her walking around their yard being cute.  

I hope everyone continues to enjoy her blog and updates. 

In the car on the way to Dr. Kolar's.  Such a pretty face huh?  :)
She is impossible to get a picture of because she is always
strolling around.  Les has to take the pics he can when he
About the size of a quarter left to heal.  She is doing
great getting this leg in good shape.

No open wounds left on the outside of her leg.  Remember from many posts
ago how I said we cannot wash her leg until the Silverlon wraps are done?
Well, that is why her leg looks all icky.  I know Dr. Kolar will be so happy when
he is finally able to fully wash her leg with soap and water.
All wrapped up in a pretty purple bandage.
AWWW!  She likes to lay her head on my arm or the arm rest
when she is riding in the car.

Sweetheart likes pine cones


  1. She is so beautiful and looks fantastic. I can't get over how well she has done, miracle girl for sure. I love all her spots!!

  2. She looks amazing and adorable! I'm so glad to hear that she keeps making improvement.

    Is she naturally a really petite girl or is she about average in height?

  3. Love the video and the photos.

    Do you have your dogs tethered in any way when you are transporting them?

    It's just it doesn't look like it and here it is law to have your dog secure. I use a simple strap that clicks into the seatbelt socket and then clips to Song's collar. I also have a canvas hammock, which attaches around the headrests on the back and front seats. I got this after my dad had to do an emergency stop and Song got flung against the front seats and ended up down behind them.

  4. Still amazes me. What is even more amazing to me is that no matter what they do to these dogs at the vets office, they are always ready to get in the car and go back again! (Well most of them are!)

  5. HAHHAHAHAHA - look at Cleo go! She could work for the OK highway system building roads!

  6. I am so happy for her, and grateful that you caused this to happen!

    Yes, the Doc will be pleased to wash her leg, but think of what Sweetie will think when she has a clean leg and no bandage!!

  7. Sue: No, none of my dogs are strapped in when I take them for rides in the car. There is no law in Oklahoma that I am aware of regarding this issue.

    Mad Red Hare: Oh they love to go for rides but once they hit that vet's office they usually try backing out the door ASAP. I basically had to drag her down the hall yesterday, she knew what was going to happen. :)

  8. Love the video of the girls playing. Cleo really is a dirt devil the way she spins around when she's digging.

    Sweetheart really is an amazing creature. How many people have said they want to adopt her and how is the group going to decide which home she goes to?


  9. I don't know how many people have said they want to adopt her. If anyone has submitted applications they would have gone to Paul's address and I haven't asked him if he has received any. Paul and I will decide who she goes to. We prefer someone in Oklahoma who were already know. However, we aren't going to worry about it until at LEAST the first of the year.

  10. Your Cleo is a crack up, lol! Sweetie looks so happy and well, it's wonderful to see and a great credit to you and your vet:-)

  11. Erika Mom to MortyOctober 13, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    Sweetheart looks great . So happy and full of Life.
    Your Cleo is a Earthmover in every Sense . She could move Mountains.Very cute Video,Thank you