Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall evening with the fur kids!

Cleo, aka the dirt devil, without her muzzle.  This is one of
my favorite pics of her!  She looks so sweet and innocent.

This is going to be primarily a picture post.  Hope everyone enjoys.

Oh yeah, one other thing, I have absolutely LOVE reading your responses to my questions in yesterday's post, they are GREYT!!!

Why yes that is Sweetheart 'mouthing' Jackie on the neck.
I TOLD you Jackie is her live rawhide chew toy.
Thank goodness Jackie takes it all in stride and runs
away as quick as she can!

GRRRR!!!  Scary isn't she?
She must be practicing for Halloween

Sweet Monte (and Journey too)
More stalking of poor Jackie

Desperate to go inside

Pretty old lady!

Old Love!  Bavarian and Journey

Hope the weather is gorgeous where you live because it is so nice in Oklahoma I could sit outside for hours and hours.


  1. From her pictures, her weight looks perfect now!

  2. Sweetheart looks beyond healthy, now -- she looks positively happy. It's a true pleasure to read this blog, and blessings to you for all you've done.

  3. What a brilliant batch of fur-friend photos!

    Cheers Spiffo & Cami

  4. She is looking really good! I've always wondered, how old is Sweetheart? I don't know that I've seen it mentioned here before, or it's possible that I missed it.

    Morgan, our German Shepherd, would love to play bitey with Sweetheart! The hounds here just don't appreciate that game! lol

  5. hahah I think both my dogs would like Sweetheart :) they like wrestling/chasey/bitey too... hehe

  6. Fabby photos. I love the scary face:)

  7. Sweetie is positively radiant now! Such a contrast to 2 months ago. She looks like a normal Greyhound, but we know she's extra special:-) Lovely photos of the family.

  8. Sweetheart is around two years of age. She is acting every bit the feisty two year old she is! I am glad everyone likes the photos!

  9. Those are some great pics! I like the Cleo shot and the picture of Jackie being "nommed". The scary face is cute too!

  10. Any idea why greyhounds "mouth" other greyhounds? Both of my females do/did it. None of my makes ever have. I'd be up for some insight as to why!!

    Beautiful looking clan!

  11. I think all dogs mouth each other to a certain extent. I grew up with german shepherds and they would do that every now and then. All my females do it but my males don't because they either don't play at all (Bavarian stick in the mud) or they play with toys (Monte) and not with other dogs or people. Sweetheart stalking Jackie is funny, although I feel sorry for Jackie because you can tell that at times she is just on the edge of 'going off'. :)

  12. Love seeing all the pics! Sweetheart is looking great. Hard to believe this is the same dog.Amazing!

  13. She looks wonderful! And, I love that she is a smiler! What an amazing dog.:)