Friday, October 22, 2010


Sweetheart was a bit more perky today when I got up.  Les called me earlier and said she was bouncing around and barking outside like normal.  He is going to take her to Dr. Kolar's today at 1:30 for a bandage change and a check up to make sure nothing else is going on.   She did sleep all night and didn't whine or pace or anything so that is a good sign.

I will update the blog as soon as I hear from Les.  We will then post pictures of her leg (if Les takes any) tonight so you all can see if any progress in healing was made this week.

My friend Debbie is coming home for the last time today.  We learned yesterday that her cancer has spread too far for further treatment to be able to help.  Hospice will try and make her as comfortable as possible during the time she has left.  I hope to see her this weekend and as much as I can during the time she has left.  Thank you for your kind words regarding Sweetheart and Debbie.  They do help me tremendously. 



  1. I hope Debbie's days ahead are peaceful and painfree, surrounded by people she loves.

    Good luck to Sweetheart today! I'm glad to hear she was bouncing around this morning!

  2. Jess, I am so glad Sweetheart has picked up. I hope the vet doesn't find anything untoward. Also hope the leg is continuing to improve.

    I know what it is like when a dear friend has cancer. My friend has just had an op on bowel cancer. She was told today she will have chemo via tablets. I am hoping this is all she will need.

    I hope Debbie's remaining time can be made peaceful. Sending you and Debbies huge hugs (((Jess & Debbie))).

  3. Having watched this happen myself, I know that hospice will give her a peaceful end. I hope you get to see her soon.

    I hope Sweetie is okay too!

  4. Wishing Debbie a painless and peaceful release with someone who loves her holding her.

  5. The news about Debbie is just awful. I hope she gets the best in what little time she has left. Please pass on my thoughts. Her journey WILL go on.

    X Spiffo & Cami.

    Glad Sweetheart is ok too. You and Les take care.