Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nothing new...

Nothing new to report on Sweetheart.  She is still feisty as ever and is a silly little thing.  Continues to eat just fine and play like a two year old should.  She will miss Jackie, her live rawhide chew toy.  Jackie is going to a foster to adopt home Saturday morning and I will be bringing home a male for Sweetheart to bug.  :)

Sweetheart will probably go for a bandage change Friday since I won't be able to take her Saturday.  I am hoping we see some good healing with this new Silverlon bandage but either way we know she is on the mend and are happy.

So now I have couple of questions for you all.

What is your favorite thing or things about greyhounds (for those of you who do not have greys, what is your favorite thing about your dog or cat)?

Do you prefer male or female greyhounds and do you have a color preference?

I do not have a color preference when it comes to greys, I love all shades.  I am partial to big males but I love the females too.  My favorite things about greys are they are low energy, low maintenance and they are the best of both worlds between a cat and a dog.  They love attention but can be independent and don't require constant attention.

So all you out there, post a comment and let me know what you love about your greys (cats and other dogs too)!

Remember, Sweetheart will have her grand public debut Friday October 29th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Mann's Best Friend on Penn in south Oklahoma City.  Everyone is welcome to come out and meet her!


  1. I love all dogs. I have no greyhounds, but I'm not dead yet. I love all colors, all sizes.

    I have two rescues, as different as night and day. One is a lay around, nervous, high strung, terrified of most things big dog (why, I don't know, I've had her since she was a 7 week old pup). I've been told she's a greyhound/lab - a border collie/pointer, a lab/pointer. No one knows.

    The other is a rambunctious, friendly, cuddly, crazy little mutt. She's a Rottweiler/lab or pit.

    Eventually I'll get DNA on both so I can see why they are so different.

    Sweetie, we love you and wish you a great vet visit!

  2. I like my little feisty girl but I also love how the big boys tend to be smoochy cuddlers. We got a girl because we needed a dog that would fit in with our other troublesome mutt. I love how my girl comes for scritches when I get home and then runs and grabs her toy. Or when she does zoomies around the house, or when she collects my shoes and puts them on her bed,.... she is not particularly smoochy but we are wearing her down. Most of all I love to watch her run for the sheer joy of it.

    I love all the colours of the greyhound rainbow but of course my favorite at the moment is black (cos my girl is black!)

    My *other* dog is a lab/staffy/mastiff mix (we think) I love how he does everything with gusto. He is also very focussed on whatever it is he is doing, is athletic and smoochy.

  3. I am an animal lover in general. Before I had greys, Doberman Pinscher's were my breed of choice. I am partial to brindle greys, because my first grey was a brindle. Their coloring can vary so much. I think I love greyhounds because they seem so appreciative of everything.

  4. i have 2 barn cats that i love. greyt mousers! they're a little spazzy (if that's a word), but very patient with my children.
    we had a dog, but had to put her down 2 years ago, and it's taken me a while to recover. i'm thinking of adopting a greyhound because the breed seems like a good fit for me and our family.
    my husband prefers the darker dogs, brindle, but really it's not a big deal!
    thanks for all the updates. we love to read about how well she's doing and it's wonderful news about jackie!

  5. I love all colours. I tend to prefer females, but only because they tend to be smaller (I only have a small apartment). I love Greyhounds because of their nature. Such a loving dog and a real bond can be made. Also if they are ex-racers seeing their characters emerge.

  6. i love all animals and own/ed but greyhounds i love best. i love them because they don't have a will to please like labradors for example. and i love them because they are independent. as you said, between cat and dog. but still, i love their specific way to bond, if they choose you to be "the one".
    i love them because they are so incredibly beautiful and elegant.
    i love them because they have the softest fur and the cutest eyes. and because they have needle noses!
    i love them because they can turn from lazy couch potato into hunter in a split second.
    i love them for what they are.
    i only had females so far but if the right male comes along, i would take him, too.
    mine are white and black/ blue and black but i am not partial to specific colours. if it was colour decision, i wouldn't choose a brindle, though. dunno why.
    i am dreaming of adopting a third hound. that would be a black male, if possible.

  7. sorry, mine are white and black and white and blue i mean :-)

  8. I have shared my life with five different Greyhounds and three of them are still with me. Four of ours have been females, and I definitely have a weak spot for the sassy little diva girls. I like big goofy boys, too, but I'll probably stick to the girls here.

    As far as color goes, I have always loved the white ones, or the ones with the spots. I've had a brindle, a white with brindle spots, a dark or black brindle, a blue brindle and a blue fawn. I've never picked a hound by color, I've always looked for one who really clicked with us. I have always said that the most beautiful Greyhound is the one on your own couch! I think they're all gorgeous!

    Oh, how I wish I could come and see her debut, but Illinois is a bit far from Oklahoma!

  9. The only dogs I have ever owned have been greyhounds. I was drawn to their gentle nature and sense you get around them that they truly seem to know how special they are and how cushy their lives are once adopted. I had to wait till I owned my own place before i could adopt. I can not imagine a day of my life now without at least one greyhound in it.

    My First was a Red Fawn Female Enza -- she was the greyhound ambassador that paved the way for all greyhounds in my life. Booker, who we just lost in April, was a Dark Brown Brindle with the personality of James Dean. Drake, our apricot brindle, was a "foster" that never left...OK I would not let leave. He has the personality of a Boyscout. Last is our tan female Noodles, our little short bus rider. She came to use with a broken back that never received medical attention among other problems. Once she started feeling better this HUGE personality came out and I swear she is the HAPPIEST dog i have EVER met.

    Each time I was about to get a new greyhound I always said i wanted a White-Paint in color with goofy stick straight up ears. and each time the greyhound picked me - not the other way around. and Each time, it seemed like there was a little divine intervention as to how the greyhound came into my life for me to adopt.

    I keep considering adopting one more so we once again have a pack of three. Booker & Noodles were thick as thieves and played together. With Booker gone, Noodles is a little lonely since Drake won't play with her b/c she plays so rough. I will just wait and see what God has in storm for me regarding a new hound.

    I do know that i plan to live the rest of my life with at least one greyhound companion. I can't imagine life without one!

  10. I love their soulful eyes. I love how silly my boy was and how smart my girl is. Any color will do!

  11. I have a soft spot for the black hounds. My first was a goofy and shy big lad called Schniff; we lost him only a couple of months ago. Just before he passed we welcomed a wild child female called Cami. Having them both together was a joy. They became friends very quickly; I only wish Schniff had survived longer. He had advanced kidney disease. Schniff was laid back, shy and a quiet dog, he likes his routine and liked nothing more than being at home. Cami is the opposite, she wants to come everywhere, she's gregarious, territorial and something of a guard dog. I can't imagine life without a greyhound now and am pretty close to adopting another big male to go with my girly wild child.

    Cheers Spiffo

  12. I've only ever owned one greyhound before, and she was a fawn Italian Greyhound. My favorite thing was how much like a person she was! I've never seen a breed of dog as intelligent and empathetic as greys. Once, she was sad because our miniature poodle (her bestfriend) was away at the vet's office and she actually laid down on the couch and cried! They are just like human children in a dog's body. I also loved watching Legs run "race track" around the house. :)

    Unfortunately, someone let my little girl out of the house while I was away. I miss her. These dogs really do become your best friends in the world.

    I prefer female dogs in general. I don't really have a color preference, but I am usually not so thrilled with brindle coloring for some reason.

  13. I have 2 greyhounds. Both are females. I really have no preference but have females because they are smaller and will fit through my dog door..haha! I used to have color preference and loved brindles. My first, GreyCee, is brindle. I got Layla a few months ago and she's black with a little white. I found the more I get to love these dogs, the color doesn't matter at all. They are all so special. They have the most beautiful spirits. They aren't like other dogs. The are sweet and silly and they have huge hearts :)

  14. We have a red large 3 year old brindle and a medium black 7 year old greyhound. Love them both. Each is quite stunning in their own way. Our black one was looking for a home for two years...I can't understand why it seems the black greyhounds are the most difficult to adopt. I wouldn't trade either for the world.