Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweetheart is fine

Les came by my work with Sweetheart after taking her to Dr. Kolar's. 

Sweetheart has lost a little less than a pound, so she is 52. something.  We are going to start giving her canned food again, we had back off the canned food because she was a good weight and gaining just on dry food.  We will start it back up since she is becoming WAY more active. 

About a month or so ago Sweetheart lost a toenail on the outside toe of her good back foot.   The toe is infected and swollen (I just noticed the swelling last night) and she has a .5 degree fever.  Dr. Kolar gave her a big shot of penicillin today and we are to give her an antibiotic pill twice a day for fifteen days.  The toe was a little swollen last night but is pretty rugged looking today.  However, that hasn't stopped her from being a wild child on in this morning and she doesn't limp on it at all.

Her bandage change went fine.  Her wound is about the size of a nickel and she has a small pressure sore on the other side of the leg.  We think the pressure sore is from her bandage rubbing when she runs and also from the silt like dirt that is getting in there from her digging and playing.  Dr. Kolar is not concerned about the pressure sore as it is small and not infected.  We will start having her bandage changed every 4-5 days instead of every 7 to keep it fresh and clean.  The bandage never got dirt in it until she started feeling better and digging and playing around Cleo when Cleo digs.  I blame it all on Cleo.  :)

So, all in all, Sweetheart is doing good.  I am so thankful and relieved that she doesn't have anything seriously wrong with her.  Antibiotics are a breeze to give her so it won't be a problem at all.  She loved seeing all my friends at work and she was delighted when one of our claimant's children got down on her level and started playing with her.

Thanks for all of your concern.  I know you all will be relieved to know all is fine with our girl.



  1. I'm glad it turned out to be something so normal! I'm glad to hear she'll be fine!

  2. I'm glad it was something treatable! Seems greys have a lot of problems with their toes!

  3. Good news is a great way to start off the weekend:-)

  4. Erika ,Mom to MortyOctober 22, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    Greyt Update on Sweetheart. Glad it is all minor and fixable.
    I will keep Debbie in my Prayers.

  5. Keep an eye on the rest of her nails...Izee acted like this when she started to lose her nails but perked up once they all came off. Her feet are still a little tender but that doesn't stop her from running and playing. You might ask Doc Kolar about it, but a lot of vets aren't familiar with the's called SYMMETRICAL LUPOID ONCHODYSTROPHY
    and occurs most commonly in greyhounds. I sure hope that's not what is wrong with Sweetheart, if she doesn't lose anymore nails then I would say not but worth doing some research just in case.

  6. What a relief. I was worried about her. Maybe the infection in her toe was what made her feel under the weather the other day.

  7. It's ALL UP HILL now!!!!! You ROCK!! :) I meant to write earlier...but wanted to tell you what a delight it was to finally meet you. Now I have met the face to go with the big heart I had met. Thanks again!!!! ~Angela~

  8. My Noodles loses nails as if she were shedding them. Our Vet was concerned so did some research on this. and apparently some dogs are just prone to this. Noodles has been losing about 2 a year. sometimes they grow back, some times they do not. I have the routine of bandaging her paw down pat. and our Vet is great - when she does this I let them know and they call in antibiotics for her. and i always know that if it does not start to heal, in she goes... but i have not had that issue yet. Never had any of my other three greys ever loose a nail!

  9. Good news about sweetheart. I'm so sorry about your friend though. Many prayers of comfort and love for the both of you.

  10. Jennifer please read my post from above and have your vet research primarily affects Greyhounds, and is the number 1 cause of nail loss for them, but does happen in other breeds and mixed breeds too. Here is a description from the Yahoo support group for SLO:

    SLO is an autoimmune disease of dogs which can cause severe claw problems in otherwise healthy dogs. It is characterised by the loss of claws from more than one paw - eventually all claws may be lost.
    Other symptoms may include: receding quicks, infection (often with a strong smell), claw splitting (usually down the back of the claw), oozing from the nail bed, pain, distorted claws and lameness.

    Izee has never had the infection or the strong smell but the rest of it is her in a nutshell.