Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yappy Hour - 10/29

Yappy Hour at Mann's Best Friend was a HIT!  Lots and lots of people showed up, with and without their greys, just to meet Sweetheart and to celebrate her recovery.  I am still overwhelmed (in a good way) by the response.  To stand there and see the store full of fur and human friends because of one greyhound, wow!  It doesn't get much better than that.  I am also amazed at how many of you follow the blog and how you have faithfully followed each step of her progress.

Sweetheart was a little overwhelmed at first, this being her first time at a meet and greet style of event.  She growled and fussed a bit at some of the dogs but as time went on and everything calmed down, she showed her true Sweetheart self.  She enjoyed meeting all of her fans, fur and human alike, and gave many of them tail wags and leans on their (human) legs (she is a leaner when she gets in the love zone).

OK everyone, I want a little blog participation.  Each picture has a number below it.  If your dog is in a picture, post a comment and tell me the name of your dog, his/her age, how long you have had him/her and what you love most about him/her.  I would love to have a comment for every picture below.

Sweetheart making her debut


 #2  (A cuter sunflower have you ever seen?)


Who's that pretty girl, oh yeah, Sweetheart!



Fasthound foster Wheat!  

Red eyes just in time for Halloween!

Doing the Sweetheart lean!

 #6 Wheat is looking into the camera but who is
standing beside him?





She is such a pretty girl, don't you agree?

#11 (I know who this is and she is an absolute doll!)

Fasthound foster Peg looking at the camera

#11 (Peg is the black and white girl)

Wheat again (I think)


Pretty Peg!



#15 (Who let that bulldog in here?)

Ready to go home and fall into bed after the big night!

Thank you to everyone who attended Yappy Hour!  I hope everyone likes the pictures.  Thank you to Les for taking the time to take the pictures and to post them to the blog for me tonight.  Thank you to the person who raised $100 through their change bucket, what a fabulous person you are to do that for Sweetheart and thank you to the person who gave me a donation directly, very sweet.  Sweetheart also got a gift of six beautiful, handmade martingale collars.  They are so cute and girlie for my little girl.  She will be wearing them to each event she attends.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who have stuck with us these last two and a half months.  Les and I appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts.  Keep them coming, we love it!



Last night's Sweetheart party was amazing.  So many people turned out with their greys.  I was so overwhelmed by everyone's kind words.

Several of you asked me about my friend Debbie who I have mentioned on this blog.  I was touched by that.  Sadly, my dear, sweet and lovely friend has died.  She passed away around 6 this morning.

Last Thursday her doctors informed her that her cancer had spread and was beyond further treatment.  She came home last Friday and hospice has been helping to ease her suffering since that time.  I was lucky that her husband asked me to stay with her Friday night.  I was also able to spend a good chunk of time with her Saturday evening.

She fought hard and inspired so many of us with her strength and spirit.  She was and will always be my hero. Her fight against cancer this past year has taught me so much and I am truly thankful to her.  She allowed me to go to treatment with her and she never held back on sharing her thoughts and feelings about everything.  I admired that so much and hope that I can be a better person because of her.

Thank you all who have thought of my friend and wished her well these past few months.  She was like a sister to me.  I am glad she is no longer suffering but I am incredibly sad to have lost my hero so soon.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evening update - October 28th

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to do a new post.

Sweetheart had a bandage change yesterday (10/27).  She weighs 52.6 pounds (holding steady) and her leg is still healing.  The spot left to heal is about the size of a nickel.  The pictures below are from yesterday's bandage change.

Bavarian lying half on and half off the air bed

Tomorrow evening is Sweetheart's public debut.  We will be at Mann's Best Friend off Pennsylvania Avenue in south Oklahoma City from 7-9 in the evening.  Per the blog's poll, 12 of you are planning to stop by and meet her.  I can't wait to meet everyone and I know she will love seeing every one of you.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweetheart is fine

Les came by my work with Sweetheart after taking her to Dr. Kolar's. 

Sweetheart has lost a little less than a pound, so she is 52. something.  We are going to start giving her canned food again, we had back off the canned food because she was a good weight and gaining just on dry food.  We will start it back up since she is becoming WAY more active. 

About a month or so ago Sweetheart lost a toenail on the outside toe of her good back foot.   The toe is infected and swollen (I just noticed the swelling last night) and she has a .5 degree fever.  Dr. Kolar gave her a big shot of penicillin today and we are to give her an antibiotic pill twice a day for fifteen days.  The toe was a little swollen last night but is pretty rugged looking today.  However, that hasn't stopped her from being a wild child on in this morning and she doesn't limp on it at all.

Her bandage change went fine.  Her wound is about the size of a nickel and she has a small pressure sore on the other side of the leg.  We think the pressure sore is from her bandage rubbing when she runs and also from the silt like dirt that is getting in there from her digging and playing.  Dr. Kolar is not concerned about the pressure sore as it is small and not infected.  We will start having her bandage changed every 4-5 days instead of every 7 to keep it fresh and clean.  The bandage never got dirt in it until she started feeling better and digging and playing around Cleo when Cleo digs.  I blame it all on Cleo.  :)

So, all in all, Sweetheart is doing good.  I am so thankful and relieved that she doesn't have anything seriously wrong with her.  Antibiotics are a breeze to give her so it won't be a problem at all.  She loved seeing all my friends at work and she was delighted when one of our claimant's children got down on her level and started playing with her.

Thanks for all of your concern.  I know you all will be relieved to know all is fine with our girl.



Sweetheart was a bit more perky today when I got up.  Les called me earlier and said she was bouncing around and barking outside like normal.  He is going to take her to Dr. Kolar's today at 1:30 for a bandage change and a check up to make sure nothing else is going on.   She did sleep all night and didn't whine or pace or anything so that is a good sign.

I will update the blog as soon as I hear from Les.  We will then post pictures of her leg (if Les takes any) tonight so you all can see if any progress in healing was made this week.

My friend Debbie is coming home for the last time today.  We learned yesterday that her cancer has spread too far for further treatment to be able to help.  Hospice will try and make her as comfortable as possible during the time she has left.  I hope to see her this weekend and as much as I can during the time she has left.  Thank you for your kind words regarding Sweetheart and Debbie.  They do help me tremendously. 


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Under the weather

Sweetheart isn't feeling good tonight.  Her eyes are aren't as bright and she is kind of listless.  She has been outside most of the day but the weather is cool and she had plenty of water and shade.

She came in and ate a couple of treats and drank some whater.  I put her outside right after that because it appeared she had to pee.  I went to let her back in and she just laid in the yard.  I went over to her and she rolled on her side and wanted me to pet her.  I had to coax her into the house and had to lift her her up the steps.  She could walk them just fine, she just didn't want to.  She is now curled up on her air bed.

I am worried about her.  I am going to have Lester take her to Dr. Kolar's as soon as he gets up to see what the deal is.  I don't know if maybe her leg is infected or she just has a cold.  Of course I am thinking the absolute worst and worrying like crazy.  I keep telling myself if she lived through what she did in Chickasha surely she won't take a turn for the worse but so far it isn't helping my worry at all.  .

Keep us in your thoughts.  I feel like I did when we first rescued her, worried and watching her.  I know I am probably over reacting.  I will update the blog as soon as I know what the deal is with her.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday evening

I have nothing new to post regarding Sweetheart.  She remains the same: happy, healthy and lovely.  No new video or pictures either.  I know, bad fan club manager, bad!  Sweetheart should go in for her bandage change by the end of the week.  We are hoping to see even more progress and I will definitely update you all when that bandage change occurs.

I just wanted to share with everyone that my friend battling cancer has taken a turn.  She is having cognitive and motor skill problems.  She has brain cancer, in addition to liver, lung, hip, lymph and chest wall cancer.  Right now they are not sure if it is a side effect of the whole brain radiation she finished up about a month ago or if the tumors are growing and/or spreading.  My thought is it could be the tumors growing but I am hoping it isn't.

She has been fighting so hard for a year now.  I am sick for her and for her family.  She is a wonderful person and I cannot imagine her not being able to care for herself or hold a conversation.  Please take a moment to send my friend a good thought.   She is like a sister to me and I cannot imagine not having her here.  

I know this blog is supposed to be about Sweetheart but Debbie is a dear person and she needs all the thoughts and prayers she can get.

I hope everyone has a good evening, sorry to be a downer but I had to share.  Everyone following her blog has been so kind in their words and support that I feel that I can share these things.

Much love and Sweetheart kisses to everyone!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday evening 10/17

Lester took Sweetheart in for her bandage change Saturday morning.  She weighed 53.6 pounds.  She gained .2 pounds.  I do not think she will gain much more weight because all she really needs to gain now is muscle in her legs and she really does not have much more to go!  The pics below are ones that Les took going to the vet's office and during the bandage change.

Sweetheart and her greyhound family have been hanging outside for the last two days since the weather has been so gorgeous.  It makes for a very quiet evening for me because they are usually sleepy when they come inside.  I know the exercise and all the sun and fresh air is greyt for Sweetheart and all my fur kids.  

Riding to the vet with Les.  She is so adorable in the car.
She always sits her head on the armrest or she will put her
head behind the driver's back.

Can I get an AWWWWWW??!!
The wound is now level with her skin.  Notice the pink
granulation in the middle of the wound?   That appears
to be new tissue (skin) growing!  

Great work healing little peanut (one of the many nicknames she has)

Who knew something so dirty could look so pretty?! :)
Again, check out all her spots.  I wonder what I would get
if I connected the spots.  :)
Goofy girl!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Can of truth!

Soooo do any of you remember the pictures of Sweetheart with a dog food can perched over her back?  This was Lester's brilliant idea (no sarcasm intended for once LOL) to show all of you just how emaciated she was.  As you can see below, she was not even as wide as a regular sized can of dog food. 

Now check out the pictures of her now!  Who would have thought she would have gained that much weight in a month and a half?.  Not me, not Les and I really don't think Dr. Kolar or his staff thought she would be doing this good just two months out from her initial date of rescue.

She is playing so much more each day.  I had to go outside with her tonight and play fetch with her with the ball so she would burn some of her energy off.  She has also started doing that 'greyhound jook' thing.  If you have greys you HAVE to know what I am talking about.  When they get super revved up they will usually stand stock still and then kind of pounce down or to the side.  This is usually followed by frantic running in circles or back and forth if there is not enough room for circles.  It is so funny when they do that, especially for Sweetheart, since this was the first time I have seen her do it.  Send me a comment if your greys do this or you have seen them do it in the past.

She also tried to get Monte to play with her but he was eating and not enthused.  When I was playing ball with her outside she started getting silly and running circles and snapping at the ball each time she passed it.  She finally wore herself out enough so that I could bring her inside without worrying I would become a substitute chew toy.  :)

Sweetheart goes in for her bandage change tomorrow morning.  Les will be taking her by himself as I have to take a little drive (2 hours one way thank goodness for books on CD) to Webber's Falls to switch greys with an adoptive 'mom'.  Les will get pictures though and I will update the blog with them tomorrow.  I just wanted you all to see the neat 'can of truth' photos tonight.

Taken the evening of August 30th

Check out Monte being greedy on the right
Taken the evening of Oct. 15th.  She wasn't being too
cooperative and kept standing twisted like so that is
 why the pics may look a little funny.

Amazing the difference a little food and water makes!

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a Greyt Saturday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall evening with the fur kids!

Cleo, aka the dirt devil, without her muzzle.  This is one of
my favorite pics of her!  She looks so sweet and innocent.

This is going to be primarily a picture post.  Hope everyone enjoys.

Oh yeah, one other thing, I have absolutely LOVE reading your responses to my questions in yesterday's post, they are GREYT!!!

Why yes that is Sweetheart 'mouthing' Jackie on the neck.
I TOLD you Jackie is her live rawhide chew toy.
Thank goodness Jackie takes it all in stride and runs
away as quick as she can!

GRRRR!!!  Scary isn't she?
She must be practicing for Halloween

Sweet Monte (and Journey too)
More stalking of poor Jackie

Desperate to go inside

Pretty old lady!

Old Love!  Bavarian and Journey

Hope the weather is gorgeous where you live because it is so nice in Oklahoma I could sit outside for hours and hours.