Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Afternoon Sweetheart update - Paypal donate button added to blog!!!

Visited Sweetheart today after work.  She is doing the same:  Fabulous!

Nothing like walking into a crate room and seeing a starving dog asleep with their eyes rolled back in their head to get the heart racing.  But after talking to her for a second she woke up and thumped her little rope tail against the bottom of the crate.  She was ready to get our of that crate and have another stroll around the clinic.  I had to trail after her with a leash because she was out the crate room door and ready to see what was new.

We walked to the lobby and I sat with her and chatted with the staff.  They all petted her and told her how beautiful she is.  She checked out the lobby and behind the counter (fat vet cat got a good sniff) and basically made herself at home.  After about 20 minutes she started shivering a little so I put her back in her crate.  That she was not amused by.  She wanted to keep roaming around, a good sign for sure!

Dr. Kolar was out on a call but Lynn (awesome employee at Dr. Kolar's) gave me the update on her condition.  She was given her vaccinations today.  They drew blood today and sent it out for tests to be run.  We will have her blood work results by Thursday.  Paws and fingers crossed that it comes back ok.

Her bandage was removed and Dr. Kolar said that her tissue around the open wound is showing signs of regeneration and blood circulation to the foot and leg have increased.  He applied some some 'magic spray' (silverlon I believe is the name) and wrapped it in a fresh bandage.  Her leg now looks like a candy cane, red bandage with white tape wrapped around in a swirl like pattern.
Not the best picture, she was moving around too much

As I was leaving, they were about to feed her her fourth bowl of dry dog food for the day.  Remember, at that time yesterday, she was just about to get her third bowl of food.  Obviously she is becoming a fan of this whole eating thing.
Behind the counter with Lynn

All in all it was a great Sweetheart day.  She is slowly progressing and getting stronger.  She is getting more stubborn which means she is getting stronger.  Stubborn is good, it means she has a zest for life and is actively engaged in what she does and does not want done to her.  :)

My lovely husband instructed me step by step on how to add the paypal donate button onto the blog.  You will find it on the right hand side of the blog above the followers information.  Fasthound is a 501c3 corporation.  We are 100% volunteer run.  We do not take a penny in salary.  Everything you donate goes directly to benefit Sweetheart so please, if you can, donate to this special dog.  Every dollar is appreciated and every donation is also tax deductible.


  1. She looks great!!! I think I can tell that she's gained that 3+ pounds when she was weighed yesterday. I can't wait to get to see her tomorrow and have lunch! : ) You know, through all of this she has had bright eyes and wagged her little tail. It just amazes me. This little one definitely wants to get well and live!


  2. We like stubborn, Sweetheart! Keep being stubborn! XOXOXO

  3. that girl has the heart of a bitch for sure! GO SWEETHEART!

  4. Hey now, don't wish too much stubborn on me, she is coming to my house soon and I already have SIX spoiled greys at home! :)

  5. Thank you so much for the pictures and for telling all about her. Sounds like she is getting excellent care -- your vet and his staff are a treasure. -- Batmom

  6. Dr. Kolar has been our personal family vet since I was a little girl. I am 33 now (will be 34 Sept 9th) and he is still going strong. We have always been lucky to have him and he has taken care of my most treasured pets. He has always been kind and caring towards animals and our family and friends. That is some times a hard combination to find in a vet but he has it. His staff is great and they allow me to walk around with my dog's and the group's dogs like it is my place too. Please feel free to send them thank you cards for doing such a good job not just with Sweetheart but with our our dogs, personal and group dogs. They work hard at what they do, each and every one of them and deserve some kudos.

  7. She looks greyt Jess. I can hardly believe it's the same dog. You can even see her tummy underneath starting to pooch out a bit in the one picture of her standing in the crate :)

  8. Thanks for the greyt update. Is she tattooed? She reminds me so much of my Betty (markings) I would love to see if they are related.


  9. Lou, she doesn't have any tattoos. We really don't know where she originated.

  10. Fatten that little girl up! I can imagine the little rope tail wagging away when you came in!

  11. Do you have any potential adopters? i am in Fl, but would be honored to add her as a family member..Christa


  12. Cdawg: I think a couple of people have either sent applications or expressed interest in her. We are keeping any applications we get for her in a Sweetheart folder. She has a LONG road of recovery ahead of her so right now we are not thinking any further ahead then the next day. She is going to take time to build her muscle mass, weight and stamina back up. The leg has to FULLY heal and she will have to be spayed. None of these things will happen at a quick pace and that is just fine with us. We will give her all the time she needs to recuperate. I am so looking forward to getting her home with me. I can't wait to feed her and take her for walks and allow her to roll in the grass and be a normal dog.