Saturday, August 21, 2010

Afternoon update - 8/21

Not a whole lot new news to tell.  She is doing fine and eating good.  She ate treats and then immediately found the soft pillow under Lynn's desk and made herself at home.  We took her outside and walked her around for a few minutes.  She did get some topical flea and tick treatment today, it isn't too strong for her.  He has been waiting to give it to her until she was stable and strong enough for it..

Below are lots more pictures that Les took today.  I hope you enjoy the video.  It takes a few seconds until she comes into view so be patient.


  1. I can't find if this has already been asked, but what do her ear tattoos tell about her? Who is she and [aside from being tied up & abandoned] where'd she come from? Was she originally adopted through a group? I know you said she's quite young so likely never raced, but someone must know more about her background?

    Are they planning on prosecuting the people that left her behind?

  2. She is not tattooed. She came from Chickasha Oklahoma (that is where she was tied up and abandoned). Our vet feels that her teeth indicate she is around two years old. I do not know much about her background prior to her being seized. Her build suggests she most likely was bred for racing (coyote hunters and AKC dogs have different confirmations).
    I know nothing about whether they are going to prosecute or not. Animal control issued her quite a few tickets but I know nothing more than that at this point.
    I am sure these answers leave you wanting to know more but I do not know more myself. I am focusing on her from the day we rescued her onward. I am focused on her recovery and for next Saturday when I bring her home. Just this part of it has consumed my life for the last week (but in a good way) and will continue to do so until she is back up to full weight and is a picture of health!

  3. When a dog like Sweetheart comes into your life in this manner, it is only natural she will control your life for a while -- but you are correct, In A Good Way.

    Two years ago I adopted Noodles. The rescue organization misrepresented her condition. They told me she had not raced, she had been in and out of multiple foster homes b/c she would not "do business" on a leash and had repeatedly gone in the house. and she had a minor issue with her back end. When she walked in my front door she was underweight, not emaciated though, pigeon-toed, ran where her back end popped-up like a rabbit (which looked extremely painful) had fur like straw, her tail had an unset break in it so it has a 90 degree bend and was a nervous nilly. This was WAY more than I had expected but I was not about to let her go back if this is the best this organization could do for her.

    The first issue was she was CONSTANTLY urniating in the house, and frequently. I consulted with our vet, a chiropractor and a pet communicator and learned she had a BROKEN BACK that never received medical attention. It was a rough 2 months at first, but seeing the happy adjusted greyhound I now have, it was worth it. Through the vet, the chiropractor and a whole lot of TLC she is now a very well adjusted hound, only has an accident in the house once in a blue moon and has the softest fur and her weight is appropriate for her size. Everyday I have with her I am grateful she was brought into my life. As much as we have "helped" her, she has helped us by showing us true love and happiness. Every post and picutre i read/see about Sweetheart tugs at my heart. Know that I pray for her and you daily and am rooting for this little survivor to blossom!

  4. Jennifer: Thanks for sharing your story. It is nice to hear stories like that with happy endings. You did a good thing in adopting her and getting her treatment. I am hoping Sweetheart makes a full recover and doesn't have any major set backs along the way.

  5. I love,love,love that first picture because you can see the tail wagging!!!

  6. Ok now I am in tears again for Noodles and Sweetheart! God Bless you both for helping these girls

  7. Sweetheart reminds me so much of another sweet little girl who was a mess when found, Cindy Maxwell. She has fully recovered now. Her story was well documented on Facebook.

    I hope and pray that Sweetheart will make a full recovery like Cindy.

  8. Erika , Mom to MortyAugust 22, 2010 at 6:15 AM

    This beautiful Eyes say it all. I am at awwww.I don't know how else to say it....I love this little Girl.Prayers and ever so gentle Hugs for Sweetheart. Jessica and Les thank you .

  9. Her wagging tail made me bawl. It is amazing that she can still love humans after what they did to her.