Monday, August 16, 2010

When weight gain for a girl is a good thing!!!!

  So you read the title and you think, weight gain, sure, maybe a pound, right?  Two at the most.  Well, listen to this, Sweetheart has gained 3.4 pounds in that many days.  We got her to the vet Friday at 11:30 a.m. and she weighed 31.4 pounds.  Today at 4:45 p.m. she weighed 34.8 pounds!  Truly amazing.  I am still smiling at that one.  Today was the first day Dr. Kolar felt comfortable allowing her to eat as much dry as she could and at 5 p.m. she was on her third bowl of dry dog food (in addition to the canned she got  this morning) and was eating that as we were chatting with him.  She is no longer wolfing her food like a starving dog either but savoring it. She is also drinking plenty of water as the picture below can attest to.

All this eating makes a girl thirsty

  When Les ( my husband and our greyhound's loyal servant) and I got to her crate she again wagged and wagged her little rope of a tail.  We opened the crate and petted her.  After posing for a few photos, she got up and wanted to walk around.  I scooped her up and weighed her (see above) and then sat with her in the lobby.  She stood quietly the whole time while people were coming and going and Les was taking her picture.  She let us pet and fuss over her like it was just a normal day for her.  She is just the most alert and yet laid back grey there is.  If you were to just look at her face you would never in a million years know that she was in such terrible physical condition.  Her eyes just shine and she is eager to stroll around and take in all there is to see.  She is truly an amazing little girl.

So beautiful

Have you seen a more beautiful face?
  After we made a fuss over her, I walked her back down the hallway towards the crate room.  She was checking out all the open doorways and the smells on the floor.  When she saw Dr. Kolar's resident office cat Lightening she perked up and started checking him out.  He weighs about 16 pounds and I am sure she was thinking how tasty he must taste.  :)  Through it all she was walking on all four legs and putting just a little less pressure on her hurt one (check out her snazzy red bandage).

  She got back in her crate and sipped some water when I closed her door.  We left her to eat and relax.  I talked to Dr. Kolar and asked him some of questions that you guys have been wanting to know so listen up!  

    He has not done blood work yet because she was so loaded with fleas that he is waiting for her counts to go up.  He will be doing blood work as soon as he feels she is ready.  He will most likely give her her regular vaccinations tomorrow or in the next couple of days.  Dr. Kolar said that if she didn't have this wound on her leg she is doing so well she could come home in the next few days.  However, the leg needs to be wrapped for three days between dressing changes.  He wants to be able to get through 2-3 dressing changes before I take her home.  Then I will need to take her in every three days for a dressing change until he feels we can go down to one dressing change a week.  She has good blood flow to her paw when he wrapped the leg so he sees no reason why she would lose her leg unless some infection pops up later in her recovery.  Dr. Kolar and their staff are amazed at her spirit and at her remarkable progress.  Keep thinking of her and spreading the word about this neat little girl.

Just looking at her face you would never know anything was wrong.

  I want to thank everyone who are officially following her blog and for those of you who may not have registered as a Sweetheart follower.  We have had so much outpouring of support for her via the blog, emails and phone calls.  I am so touched by how many greyt people are out there.  One person may have caused this but 100s, if not 1,000s will cheer her into a full recovery.  Thanks again everyone!!

Typical haughty greyhound look when they are being crated!


  1. I have been hitting the refresh button over and over again for this update! I am so pleased to see Sweetheart's eyes sparkling. She is a fighter with an incredible will to live. A testament to this amazing breed. God bless you for saving her.

  2. I just refreshed too and saw the update. What a transformation! You folks and Dr. Kolar are just the best. -- Batmom

  3. I have been hitting the refresh button over and over again too.. -and I am so pleased to see how well Sweetheart is doing now :)
    Good luck, little girl!

  4. OHhh just hearing that update makes my heart melt! I am so glad that she is doing so well!! I've thought about her several times over the weekend. Keep up the great work!

  5. I am in tears again; I am so happy she is recoveing so well what a perfect angel! Jess are you going to keep her? I am so tempted if you aren't

  6. Rhonda: I am taking the 5th to that first question. I am still just holding my breath that she will fully recover. Until she is a few weeks out of this, at least, I will not be able to stop worrying about her. Course I know you will make an awesome home for her. Truly awesome. :)

  7. Erika,Mom to MortyAugust 17, 2010 at 4:09 AM

    Great Update Jess. There is a sparkle in her Eyes again. I am elated over her Progress.Keep it up little Girl.

  8. What a sweetie - I love the closeup picture of her face!

  9. I first read about Sweetheart last Friday and I couldn't stop crying. I am beyond happy, no - thrilled!!!!.. to find this blog, to be able to follow her progress, and to know that she is making good progress!! Keep fighting sweetie! You are so beautiful <3 We're all rooting for you!

  10. Crying happy tears, I can't get over how good she looks...what a face!!! Thanks Jess for making this blog so we can all keep up on her progress and thanks to Doc Kolar for giving her such wonderful care :)

  11. thank you so much for this update on sweetheart and the pictures. i will keep all of you in my heart and thoughts sending positive thoughts and white healing light. i so hope her healing process will continue the way it started.
    vet's working a miracle on her but i am sure ur right, she wants to live and she's a fighter.
    much love to all of you