Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update - Warning: Video in blog might make you smile!

Lightning - resident vet cat and surgery assistant

Ok, so the first picture isn't of Sweetheart but I had to post a picture of Lightning, he is a hoot and is always milling around the vet's office.  Sweetheart finds him quite sniffable.

   Well, once again, Sweetheart is doing greyt!  These status updates are starting to follow a trend.  :)  A good trend though.  Once again I was greeted by a wagging tail.  She sprung up in her crate as soon as I said her name and was out of it as soon as the door was open.  She took off up the hallway and was walking around the lobby visiting everyone and sniffing around.  She found the treat basket pretty quickly and I had to be mean and tell her to get away from it.  

  She walked around the lobby, down the hall, into Kolar's office and all around the examining areas.  She trotted some and greeted each person that came into the lobby with happy eyes and wagging tail.  She is quite sweet and loves people unconditionally.  She likes to lay her head on your leg and just look around, taking in all the sights and sounds.  She REALLY wanted to go out the front door but no way was that going to happen.  I have no doubt that if she had her way she would be outside getting into all kinds of mischief.
So tell me this, how could anyone look into this face and not fall in love?
Perky ears!
I have to hold her head because she likes to take off a second before Les takes a picture!
  We should have the results of her blood work tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers because we need good results.  I am hopeful that since she didn't have one tick on her she won't have any tick borne illnesses.  I hope she doesn't have heartworms but if she does, we will treat that when she is strong enough.  I have had two dogs treated for heartworms and each came through with flying colors.  I am hoping this won't be an issue though.  I will provide the results as soon as I get them.
She pretty much has free run of the clinic
Sweet face!
Once again, holding her so Les can get a picture!
   Thank you to everyone following Sweetheart's story.  Thank you to everyone who has donated to her.  She is the sweetest. most amazing dog I have had the privilege to be around.  Dr. Kolar said he has seen two or three other dogs as emaciated as her in his career but none of them had the light in their eyes and the spirit she has always exhibited.  She is the highlight of my day and I cannot wait to bring her home.  I anticipate bringing her home next Saturday.  Dr. Kolar said the only thing that is keeping her at the clinic now is her leg wound and that is showing healing and improved circulation.
Even though she is doing greyt she has a long road of recovery ahead of her.
Front ribs are filling in ever so slightly but any progress is good progress!

   I hope you all will keep following her story for the weeks to come.  Your comments make me smile and think of her when I read them.  She has so much support that there is no way she can fail!


  1. As soon as I think it might possibly construed as "evening," I come over here and refresh the page to see if there's an update. So glad it's another good one! Thank you again for the pictures and details, and another thank you to Dr. Kolar and his staff. Sweetheart sounds like a doll and looks like a dog who is going places now. Resident cat is a stunner as well. -- Batmom

  2. Resident cat is clueless and has zero fear of dogs. Oh and he weighs sixteen pounds. And he likes to assist Dr. Kolar in surgery. Seriously, he sits on a chair right by the operating table and watches him do surgery and will sometimes try to paw at a dog or cat that is under. I saw this in person one night at 8 p.m. when Dr. Kolar was sewing up one of our dogs who tore it's side. Lightening was just sitting on that chair and watching him and batting at the newspaper on the operating table. He is cross eyed so who knows what he is really seeing!

  3. That cat has healing powers. Look how good Sweetheart is running!

  4. We had to hold Sweethearts head as well when we were taking pictures because she does move her head just as you are taking the photos. Loved the video!!!

  5. I also got to visit Sweetie today and it was the highlight of my day! I love that she wants to put her head in your lap and just wants kisses and ear scritches. And WOW, she's using her bandaged leg really well and Dr. Kolar is totally impressed by the increased circulation and healing tissue appearing in the wound. The Silverlon mesh is working great! Oh, and Dr. Kolar also said she can start having treats, so I'll be taking along healthy treats for the next visit. Thanks Jessica & Paul, Dr. Kolar and everyone that is praying and keeping her in their thoughts and to those that have donated. Hugs to all of you!!! : )

  6. thanks so much for the updates; it does my heart good to hear how she's doing! I have three greyhounds, and those deep brown eyes just make me melt. Keeping my fingers crossed for her test results!

  7. Alright Shelly, don't be bribing my, I mean, Fasthound's dog. :) I am on to your wily ways. :)

  8. Another wonderful update on Sweetheart! :)

    I can't wait until she gets to come home and relax with you because I see now that she has gotten stronger, she has scratched her nose on the kennel(probably so she can get into more mischief). *more healing thoughts and prayers for Sweetheart*

    Thanks for updating us!

  9. What a beautiful face she has!!

  10. I can't imagine her not finding a wonderful home. Like you said, look at that face. I love the updates, even though they make me cry every time. All paws crossed here for good test results!

  11. I LOVE the video of the hop-a-long dog!!!!!! She's 100% improved from 1 week ago!

  12. Oh, LOVE the video!!! Look at that waggy tail! I have the feeling people are going to be climbing all over each other to have her just as soon as she's ready. Look at that face...

  13. PLEASE keep updating about her! I want to see her taken care of!

  14. Thanks SO much for the pupdates. What a beautiful girl she is...despite her obvious problems, the light in her face shows her inner beauty.
    My x-foster had been where near this bad, but to the point he never wagged his tail and his eyes had lost that hope.
    By the time we had nursed him back to health and our other grey had taught him how to manipulate the 2-leggers, I was hopelessly in love!
    We decided on Valentines Day that adopting him was the best Valentine EVER....and we STILL think so!
    Good luck resisting this beauty when she has recovered! ;oD
    Keep up the GREYT work!!

  15. So happy to see Sweetheart is doing well. Even the photos manage to capture the smile in her heart now that she is getting love, attention and now treats!

  16. Yay Sweetheart! Im close to tears coz im so proud of the progress you've made. you have made me smile everyday since your rescue. keep it up beautiful girl. You are amazing x x All my love to you and your new family and friends

  17. I am so glad Sweetheart is doing much better and gaining some weight. She is a sweetie and has a sweet loving face. I am praying that all the blood tests come back okay and she progessively gets better and gains her weight back gradually.

  18. What an angel Sweetheart is, as I write in tears once again. Jess I hope you are going to keep her :)
    She has a little spot on her nose is that something she was born with or a scar? And she has the longest tail. I love her.

  19. I think the spot on her nose is from her nosing the crate door or the dog run she is in when they clean her crate. She is getting feisty and is probably wanting to be out and about exploring and meeting all of her fans.
    As for keeping her, I am not even able to think that far ahead. I try and take this day by day. I can't wait till she comes home and can be spoiled rotten.

  20. I love the pictures!!!! She is doing so wonderful! How much does she weigh now?