Friday, August 20, 2010

Evening update - Photos you say?

So I am getting the idea you all want to see more photos.  :)  This update is going to be short and...Sweetheart because I am sure you are tired of hearing me ramble on and are saying to yourself "show us pictures please"!  I am going to load this evening's blog up with photos per the countless requests I have been getting.  :)  But you gotta read a little further first.  You must work for your Sweetheart pictures.  :)

Sweetheart once again came trotting out of her crate like a pro. She let me pet her for a little bit then was off to explore and greet a couple of kids that came in. After that, she decided to make herself at home on a dog bed underneath the front counter.  Below are pictures of her on that bed.  Scroll down to see her being adorable (and stubborn, kept turning her head EVERY time I would take a picture) on the bed.

Will go see her tomorrow.  Les will go with me most likely and he will try to get a longer video.  We may put it on the blog and YouTube if it turns out good.  And now....drumroll please.... I give you....... Sweetheart!

OK, admit it, you said or thought "AWWW" when you saw this!

The red in her eye was caused by the flash, no worries, her eyes are fine and beautiful

Can there be anything more beautiful?

OK, so it looks just like the one above it but hey, you guys said you wanted pics!

Thirsty after visiting everyone

Yes it is me holding her down again to try and get a picture.  2 year olds are stubborn

Can I get another "AWWWW" out there?  :)

Yes I AM adorable, was there every any thought that I wasn't?


  1. A definite AWWWWW! I swear, I think I can see she has gained a little weight. Any prospects for a home for this girl? Cause, I can't imagine anyone being able to resist that face!

  2. She is SO PRECIOUS. if that is not the sweetest face ever. Do we know what she weighed in at today?

  3. She can come live with me!! I have been reading the posts everynight, and it is just remarkable how she is recovering. I hope that someone airs this story. People need to be aware and to be held liable. She reminds me of Journey, which of course I am very partial to. I love seeing the pictures and reading your witty dialog. Please let me know if I can do anything.

  4. Journey is lying on the floor in front of me right now. I love Ms. Journey so much and understand why you are partial to her.
    As for a home, I am not focusing on that right now. Her home will be with me until she is strong and healthy.
    Even though she is doing so well, she has a long long road to recovery. She weighs the same as she did earlier in the week. Her energy is being used to heal that leg and her weight gain will be slow. But that is ok. She is eating greyt and that is all that matters. Greys her age normally don't gain weight quickly, even healthy, non-injured greys. Emaciated, injured greys take longer to add that weight.
    She will be on a diet of puppy food, both wet and canned, when she comes home and she will get treats and maybe some cooked meals. :)
    I know everyone is excited to see her find a home but please know these weight and leg issues don't correct themselves over night. She will be in a good place when leaving Dr. Kolar's and if anything should crop up, Les or I will make sure she gets the treatment and care she needs.

  5. great pictures, she is such a good girl

  6. YAY, Rhonda isn't crying this post! Woo, I am happy. I don't want people to cry. I want people to see her and be happy that she is doing so well. :)

  7. I love the pictures. What a face! I can't get over how beautiful and special she is. MMMuuuuah Sweetheart!! I love you :)

  8. Greyt pics as usual, she looks fantastic!!!

  9. Omg she is so beautiful! My heart melts every time I see her pics. Thank you for saving her!

  10. I am very glad that the "moment of truth" when the vet decided her fate went in favor of saving her. Those eyes are so clear and gentle but I can't wait for the day when we see just a glimmer of the devil again.....that's when we'll know she's put the past behind. Greyts are so majestic but I have such a small house and yard I have to settle for the smaller, clown like version (Italian Greyhounds). My little guys have never seen such horrors firsthand but some of my fosters have so we are all sending healing thoughts and well wishes from MN for a speedy and complete recovery!!

  11. She does have the most beautiful face, doesn't she? I made the mistake of reading her story for the first time tonight while at work - in a call center. I hope no one noticed the way my voice was a sob. She's beautiful, and I'm so glad that she has been rescued and that you are taking such good care of her. Much love to you both.

  12. Still so thin, I am so amazed she is alive! What a strong will she has. and yes, AAAWWWWW is the word of the day.. she is beautiful!
    Thanks for taking time to get pics, i know how busy things are!

  13. Erika , Mom to MortyAugust 21, 2010 at 11:23 AM

    That Face !I am soooo in Love with this special Girl.I would like to Love on her and cuddle her very,very gently. Thank you Jessica for the Pics and the Care and Love you give.

  14. I am astounded at how much she has improved in such a short amount of time. You can see the progress in her eyes. They look alive and happy.

    Big hugs to all involved in this rescue.