Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Evening update - Graphic leg pics below

More progress.  She ate good again today (loves those treats and canned puppy food).

Les took her to the vet to get her horrific smelling bandage changed.  She has gained a pound and weighs 39 pounds.  That eased my worries because I was afraid she wasn't going to gain weight like she did at the vet's office.  Dr. Kolar is pleased with how much she is filling in and with the muscle mass she is gaining, especially in her right hind leg.

Below are pictures of her leg.  You are being warned, they are graphic but in a good way because great progress has been made.  The first two pictures are what her leg looked like when we very first put her on the exam table 08/13.  The other pics are from this afternoon at about 3:30.

Inside back leg, you can see where the roped twisted and burrowed
into her flesh.

Bright white bone and skin that was necrotic and had zero blood flow.   You can
also see how swollen her leg was.  Her foot was the size of
my fist and her entire leg was twice as big as her other one.

The dark red area is where her bone is still exposed but the tissue is filling in quite nicely.
All the blood is a great thing, it means healing is happening
Look at the first picture, there was absolutely zero blood flow
on her leg anywhere.

While these pictures are disturbing, they show how much progress is being made.  All the blood is nourishing her leg and allowing more tissue to grow.   I am totally shocked at how good her leg looks just two and a half weeks into her treatment.  I have high hopes she will make a full recovery.  One day you will not be able to even notice there was ever anything wrong with her!

We got the vet bill for her treatment.  The bill was $750.  Not bad for 15 days of care, lots of food, bandage changes, shots and all that TLC!!!  You can't beat it.  Again, a big THANK YOU to everyone at Dr. Kolar's clinic!

I will be going in Saturday for another bandage change and hope to see even more progress at that time!

Hope you all have a good evening and I hope my pics didn't spoil your dinners.  :)


  1. atta girl Sweetheart!!! what fabulous news and the pictures prove how wonderfully she IS HEALING! love her!

  2. Amanda and I were lucky enough to arrive at the Doc's the exact same time as Les. (He probably saw me getting my warning from the local Prague policeman ... sigh.) Sweetie looked great! I could see more weight gain!!! But, wow, she was *whiffy* to a new extreme! I'm so glad for the two of you that she got a new bandage. Bless her heart. I hope she continues to heal quickly before she gets a new nickname. (Stinkbait comes to mind.) Poor little Sweetie, she's beautiful and I'm so happy she's healing.

    I brought Wheat home, too. Got his sack of meds and antibiotic gel tubes, but forgot to get his leash. He's a good boy, too.

  3. Absolutely positively fantastic!!!! Wow!! My tears are happy ones now, not the raging ones, just pure joy for this lil Sweetheart. Good job to all!!! You gooo Sweetheart, you are so loved.:)

  4. That's really cool. She is healing really well. It's amazing that the flesh is growing back over. When I saw those first photos I thought she may lose that leg but seeing how much progress she has made made me really happy.

  5. Well, it made my toes curl a bit, but I am glad to see her looking so much better! She's making amazing progress!

  6. wow....what greyt progress!!! She continues to amaze me....WTG Sweetheart :)

  7. Sweethearts progress is amazing. You & Les deserve medals & so does your vet. Was worried the vet bill would be astronomical (as it would be here in Australia, they are so expensive down here). Do you have contact details for Dr Kolar so I (we) can send a message of thanks/appreciation?

    Continued best wishes to you and Sweetheart, X Spiffo & Cami.

  8. What progress! You have a wonderful vet! I thought the vet bill would be way more than that. But worth every penny!!!

  9. I'm amazed that flesh is growing over that exposed bone at all and then in such a short space of time. With every thing else her little body has to deal with it's hard to imagine how it can produce flesh everywhere:-) She must be a very tough little girl underneath it all. Watch out when she's all better!! She's going to be mischief, lol! What a tiny vet bill for all that work and care. You've got a great vet:-)

  10. Erika , Mom to MortySeptember 1, 2010 at 3:26 AM

    Greyt Progress Sweetheart.Jess Thank you for your daily Update and the Care you give her.

  11. To send Dr. Kolar and his staff thank you cards or notes, mail them to: Prague Veterinary Clinic, 700 E Main Street, Prague OK 74864

    All his staff deserve a wonderful thank you card for all the work they did with her. Just for them giving her a chance to live means the world to me.

    Sorry about the toe curling pictures but I want to be open and honest about everything with her, the good, the bad and the ugly!

  12. Thank you for posting these pictures! What a dramtic improvement! Sweetheart lives in the hearts of many! Thank you for all that you are doing!

  13. It is simply amazing how quickly she is healing. Obviously still a long road of recovery ahead, but what a little trooper! I sure wish I had some of her spirit. She truely is inspirational.

  14. I think your vet just bought his way into Dog Heaven! Amazing progress. Thanks for all you do!