Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fox 25 News

Please tune in to Fox 25 News tonight.  Paul did an interview with them this afternoon and Fox went to Chickasha to interview the animal control officers.

I believe Fox 25 News airs at 9.  I am sure they will post her story to their website.
I just checked their website but the story isn't on there yet and I don't expect it to be for a few more hours since they just did the interview with Paul around five or so.

I will post more about her later on tonight with more pictures.  I promise I haven't forgotten about all you loyal Sweetheart fans.  My friend's treatment is just time consuming and it wears me out (I can't imagine how she is feeling being the one going through it!)


  1. Cathy Shattuck -ReedAugust 26, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    Sweatheart the star of the big screen !!

  2. I'm utterly shocked at the news report. In Australia there is no distinction made as to whether a person intended neglect or, by inaction, allowed neglect. And down here no person charged with cruelty or neglect would have an animal returned. Our animal cruelty laws seem much stronger than those operating in your jurisdiction. We can only be thankful that your organisation is now (I hope) legally responsible for Sweetheart. How we treat animals is a direct reflection of who we are. Take care.

    Cheers Spiffo & Cami

  3. Just saw the news report and posted it to my Facebook page. I am shaking I am so pissed at that woman and the police for leting her have the other dog back. Sadly, I think she is mentally ill and needs treatment or she is just going to keep harming dogs. I can't stop crying or shaking! Thank you so much for saving her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. That bit@h's laugh will haunt my every nightmare!

  5. Erika , Mom to MortyAugust 27, 2010 at 4:15 PM

    I heard her laughing and they are giving her actualy time in the Spotlight and an Audience? I am stunned and lost for Words.Did she not do enough Damage yet ? Please , say it isn't so. I am Outraged.

  6. Do you know what the follow up is going to be? I am assuming that Sweetheart is NOT going back to this woman? is anyone going to keep an eye out for the welfare of the pup that got left behind? Do you know why they took all of the cats and left this poor doggy soul with her?

    I was really shocked to see that any animal was going back to those conditions. this woman has a screw loose somewhere. is there anything we out here in the ether CAN do? We've got smarts, how can we put them to good use?

    If a child was in this position they would not have allowed it to go back.

  7. Gretchen: Honestly, the way the laws are set up in this state, there isn't much we can do. She was fined and that is about all they will do.
    Sweetheart is coming home tomorrow and I cannot focus on anything else. I have 6 other dogs to take care of besides her and I can't focus on that person and why they gave her the dog back. I just cannot. As for why they did what they did regarding giving her the other dog back, call the Chickasha Animal Shelter, they will be the ones to answer that question. I am not spending any time thinking about this person because she hasn't spent any time thinking about Sweetheart and what she did to her. She laughed about it and that was enough for me to wash my hands of that side of the story. And NO she would never ever ever get Sweetheart back. She is a Fasthound dog and will be one until we decide she is ready to be adopted. Which means she will be at my house until she gets adopted. We foster all of our dogs in our private homes so she will be treated like one of my own dogs until she is fully healed!

  8. Sick, sick, sick....I am shocked and very sad that the law is letting this woman slide and that poor other dog, what are they thinking!!!!