Friday, August 27, 2010

Evening update - Friday August 27th

Change up for tonight.  Pictures first, information last!

Tomorrow morning I will go and pick up Sweetheart to bring her home.  I have her food and bedding all ready to go.  I will get her antibiotics and vitamins tomorrow.  I am kind of curious to see what her vet bill will be but however large of a bill it might be she is totally worth every cent!

I talked to Dr. Kolar this morning and he did the dressing change today.  The leg is starting to heal a little more slowly and the bone is still showing just a little bit.  I am not surprised it started to slow down in the healing.  I was actually surprised how much it has already healed.  My husband will be taking her to Dr. Kolar's next Friday for another bandage change.  Like I have been stressing every since I started this blog, her healing is going to be slow and sometimes it will be slower than others.  We will keep a close eye on her and if she needs bandage changes more often then that is what we will do.

Thanks everyone for the kind words of support and encouragement.  I am still a little nervous about bringing her home but it will all work out and if I need help Dr. Kolar and our volunteers are just a phone call away.

I am home from Texas now so the blog updates will be more in depth and there will be more pictures.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I will keep you posted tomorrow as to how it is going!


  1. I'm still just amazed how much better she looks. When I compare her pictures of this week to her pictures of when she first arrived, it just amazes me what a difference 6 lbs. (now 7) can make on a sweet girl! I didn't get pictures today. I was pretty busy with Wheat and the vet office was packed with people and animals waiting to see Dr. Kolar and Dr. Horner. But we all got plenty of Sweetie kisses and gave her hugs and scritches.

  2. Wow! She is looking fantastic!!! Can't wait to see what next weeks brings. She will probably do even better in a home environment.

  3. I can't get over how greyt she looks, she is even starting to get a bit of muscle on her back legs....we are all behind you Jess, cheering you on and we know that you will be the BEST foster home for our precious Sweetheart.

  4. Good grief, I just found your blog and looking at the photo at the top I don't know if I want to read it from the start. That poor, poor girl. I'd better read all about her as it looks like a very sad story with a very happy ending:-)

  5. So glad to see her improving and being cared for, physically and emotionally. Looks like she still has her curiosity, that's what really helped my boy with a bad past recover so well. These dogs have strong spirits! Good luck! And if you don't have enough to cover the bills (and supplies, I just went through tons of bandages and tape after an injury and tumor (benign) removal, it adds up), post copies so that we can see that all is legit and let us know how much you need. I'd send a few dollars to a paypal account to chip in, happily. Scratchies to your lovely Sweetheart.