Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweetheart is HOME!

I picked Sweetheart today.  First I ran by Dollar General and got her some dog toys :).

She came racing down the hall of Kolar's and was all over the place.  She was interested in the car but didn't think she wanted to jump in it.  So the pampering begins....  I picked her up and set her in the back seat.  Of course as we are driving home she has to crawl in the front seat.  Not an easy thing to do with three legs but she managed to get into the front seat and I managed to keep the car on the road.  She looked out the front window and then straggled her way into the backseat.  She laid down some then got up and looked around.

She was excited to get out of the car.  I took her into the back yard and let her explore then we brought the 7 greys outside to check her out.  All in all she did fairly well with them.  They sniffed her and followed her some but then let her be.  She jumped on the twin bed we have under our porch and laid down.  She does have a little spatial aggression (growls when the other dogs come near her when she is laying down) but we that will be easily correctable in the days to come.

Sweetheart in the middle of our herd outside.  Cleo is muzzled because
she can get excited and nip when she plays.  Monte is to the left of Cleo.
Walking around on our back porch.  

We brought her inside and she checked things out.  I showed her her crate and closed the door then let her out and she laid on the two air beds we have.  She ate some and then whined a little and I let her out and she peed.  Potty training was something I was worried about but hopefully she will get the hang of it and will give me good cues like she did.

Sweetheart meeting Tracy.  Tracy is one of my former fosters that
I am dog sitting this weekend.  

Sweetheart checking out Journey.  Bavarian is the dog
in the background.

A little blurry but action shots are tough to get!

She is now sleeping in her crate.  She promptly tore the sheet and towel off the crate pad I have in there.  She is a nester and likes to dig at her bedding.  She has food, water and a toy in her crate.  My thoughts are that she will sleep a lot during these first few weeks.  When she starts acting like she wants out of her crate I will let her out but I really want her to feel like her crate is her home, that way she won't be bothered by the other dogs and can sleep and heal.  If she wants to be out of her crate that is fine too, I will just let her decide. We will let her outside to do her stuff and maybe for a bit longer in the mornings and evenings.  Otherwise she will just stay in the house and eat, sleep and relax.

Relaxing in the crate.  She looks like all she is made of is legs!

View from the top of the crate
Why is this guy waking me up to take my picture?!

As for the vet bill, I don't know what it will be.  I was ready to pay it this morning but Lynn said Dr. Kolar hasn't written down anything he has done to her the past two weeks so he will have to sit down and figure up the bill once he gets back into the office this wee.  They will either mail us the bill or let me pay it when we bring her in for her dressing change Friday.  Once I know what it is going to be I will let you guys know!

Thanks everyone for following Sweetheart's story these past two weeks.  I hope to update the blog nightly with updates, stories and pictures.


  1. Sounds like a great start, and she's looking better and better. Whew. Good luck on the housebreaking! And again, thanks for taking this on. She's clearly in excellent hands, and I'll be watching for the updates.

  2. I am all choked up. Sweetheart is HOME!!!!!!

  3. Jessica, your love and dedication is appreciated beyond words. My heart is full. Sweetheart, may your dreams be filled play, fun and all the love your spirit can retain! All my best to you both!

  4. She is going to be a lot of fun to have around. She is doing well so far and has good house manners. I am sure my other dogs will show her the dark side soon enough. :)

  5. We are very proud of you Jessica. I know you've had a tough emotional time of it lately with your friend and with Sweetheart, but you are doing great. I know with Sweetheart getting better that it makes you so happy makes going through those rough times a little better. Sometimes there is a rainbow. With all those wonderful people, "around the world", writing to you, donating, and giving encouragement is so heart felt that it brings tears to my eyes people are so caring. As with all the pets you've ever had, Sweetheart is in good hands with you and Lester watching after her. All our love, MOM and DAD

  6. Yaaayyyyy, she is HOME!!! I am sure she is going to enjoy interacting with your other Grey's, maybe she has never had that experience and we all know that they certainly "recognize" their own kind. I know that she will do GREYT with you and Les and when the time is ready you will find the best home for her, who knows maybe she'll end up being another "failed" foster lol.....

  7. Hurrah. There's no place like home. You are a legend Jessica.

    X Spiffo & Cami

  8. She is a miracle...she truly has a will to live.