Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweetheart Update

9:00 a.m. Sunday morning - Talked to Dr. Kolar by phone this morning.  Sweetheart made it another night and he sounded quite pleased with her continued progress.  She again ate all she was given and had another good poop.  He said she is not up to the full size food ration yet but he thinks she will be quite soon.  Amazing!!  I will call again tomorrow morning and after I get off work I will go and see her and take pictures.  I want you all to see her pretty red bandage and most of all her beautiful face.  :)


  1. Can donations towards her vet care be sent through Fasthound?

  2. Yes, all donations can go directly to Fasthound at the address listed on our website or they can be sent directly to Dr. Kolar at: Prague Veterinary Clinic, 700 E Main Street, Prague Oklahoma 74864. We are in the process of getting a paypal button on our website. We hope it is up and ready to be used by Wednesday of this week at the very latest. I can also give you my own personal home address to mail it to if you want to email me. Thanks for giving, it all helps greytly!!!

  3. What an amazing spirit she has. Sweetheart is going to make it. <3