Friday, August 20, 2010

Morning update - 1 week anniversary!

It has been one week since we took Sweetheart to Dr. Kolar's.  Ironic she was rescued by us on Friday the 13th.  Perhaps I will celebrate that date as her birthday, what do you all think? 

What a difference a week can make! 

I talked to Lynn this morning and Sweetheart had just gotten through, in Lynn's words, 'inhaling a can of puppy food'.  Sweetheart is moving around well this morning, is in good spirits as always and is steadily improving in overall health and appearance. 

I did an over the phone radio interview with KOOL 105.5 out of Chickasha Oklahoma (yes, the same town she was rescued from).  The interview aired sometime yesterday afternoon.  A big thank you to KOOL 105.5 for taking the time to allow me to tell her story.

I got an email from Channel 5 (local tv news station in Oklahoma City OK) this morning.  They are interested in doing an interview with me and Sweetheart this afternoon at Dr. Kolar's clinic.  This hasn't been officially set up yet, I am waiting for them to get back to me.  I should know more this morning or early in the afternoon if and when this interview is going to happen.  Getting her story out in the media is a big deal for Sweetheart.  The more people that know about her the better.   I will let everyone know when the interview takes place and when it will air on TV.  Their website is: and I would imagine it would be on there as well so if you Sweetheart fans outside of Oklahoma and the US want to see it, you should be able to at least read the article and maybe view a video of the interview (if they decide to put a video of it on the website).

Some wonderful volunteers are distributing donation buckets around the Oklahoma City Metro area.  The buckets have Sweetheart's shelter picture on them and a brief description of her story.  The following businesses are participating in the donation bucket drive and I want to thank them and recognize their generosity for allowing those buckets to be placed in their businesses:

Central Park Doggie Daycare - OKC
House of Design Gallery and Salon - OKC
Barking Dog Bakery - OKC
A-1 Pet Emporium - OKC
Gentle Care Animal Hospital - Edmond OK
Paws Around Town located in Northpark Mall - OKC

Here is a picture of what the donation buckets look like:

I can't stop thanking everyone, absolutely everyone, for following her blog, donating, commenting and keeping her and our volunteers in your thoughts!  People from all over the states and all over the world have been following her story.  It is amazing how one little greyhound has touched so many people.

Have a good day, I will post again when I find out if the interview with the news station is going to take place.  I hope so.


  1. It's just wonderful how many people are interested in Sweetheart's story. I posted the link on Facebook. Every day when I look at my 2 grey girls I think of Sweetheart and send her healing thoughts.

  2. Cathy Shattuck-ReedAugust 20, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    We love you Sweetheart !

  3. Thanks very much Jessica for the update! Best of luck with the interview and hope we get to see a video on the news station's website.

  4. I think Sweetheart is doing so well because of all the positive wishes and prayers; let’s all keep it up. Thank you Jessica, and when you do the interview, I know you don't want to focus on the woman that did this but at least maybe give some pointers on how the general public can be aware of this type of thing happening in their own neighborhoods, behind closed gates and doors, we all need to be eyes and ears for others like Sweetheart that might be going through the same exact thing, this happens all the time. NEVER be afraid to report anything suspicious, a junky ramshackle resident might contain a suffering little animal that no one knows about, always be aware. Sorry for the rant :)

  5. I agree with Rhonda - Sweetheart's story is about preventing this from happening again, not the woman who hurt her!

    Good luck on the interview Jess!

  6. That is wonderful! Side Note: All of the commission from majority of the consignment at The Circle Of Stones will go to Sweetheart! A big thank you goes to the members of TCOS for helping! Blessed Be! Sapphire

  7. I tell you, there's nothing to make a day great like going to visit Sweetie. Toni and I drove down today after having lunch with Jessica ... and I took treats with me! Dr. Kolar had said it was OK to give treats now ... so I did! Wow! That little, skinny girl can really inhale the treats. I had to stop her or she would have eaten the entire bag! : ) I left the remainder of the bag with the hospital staff to spoil her with. She sweetly puts her head on your knee and just rests her little head there for pats and scritches. Her name is perfect for her! : )

    Thank you to everyone! When we were at the vet hospital, the phone was almost continuously ringing with people inquiring about Sweetie. It was truly humbling and heart warming.

    Oh, and Dr. Kolar said each of her leg wounds were now covered with flesh, except for the biggest wound ... and it's well on its way with lots of new flesh growth. WOOHOO!!! : )

  8. Thank you Dr. Kolar and staff. You guys are the absolute best. I would trust her to no one else. Thank you for putting up with me everyday. I owe you guys so much for saving her life. Ok, now I am tearing up. ;)

  9. We LOVE you Sweetheart!!!! I hope you get the interview so we can see it online, it would be great to see you not just Sweetheart :)

  10. Awww, Sweetheart! So happy to see that smiling face. I agree, don't mention the woman, but if karma has it's way with her, not only will she see what she did to such a wonderful, sweet soul, maybe people she knows see it too. That's gonna hurt!