Monday, August 23, 2010

Evening update - Good news again

Visited Sweetheart this evening.  She was quite peppy this evening.  I couldn't let her off leash when we first go there due to customers with their dogs, etc.  She was cool with that as long as someone was petting her and giving her attention.  You could tell she felt better today as she didn't lay on the pillow underneath the front counter one time.  Once the clinic customers left I was able to let her off leash to explore.

She went into Dr. Kolar's office and christened it.  Thank goodness all their floors are carpetless.  As I am sitting in the lobby I hear a clatter that sounds suspiciously like an empty plastic bottle hitting the floor.  I go investigate and she had found the trash can in the back room and had liberated an empty diet Dr. Pepper bottle.  The clang of it on the floor must have been music to her ears.  I told her no and scolded her and she immediately put her head back in the trash, needle nose headed straight for the bottle.  GRRRR, can anyone say "terrible twos"!  And it isn't like you can even tap her on the rear end for fear of breaking her.  :)

Praying for an overflowing trash can!

Not the best pic but a two year old on the move doesn't
cooperate with my camera!

The did a bandage changed earlier today (notice the bright yellow bandage below) and the wound has healed so well there is only a small piece of bone showing.  The tissue almost completely covers the wound and the new tissue is bright pink with excellent blood flow!  YAY!!!!!  This is extremely good news.  The only down side to new tissue and blood flow is that the blood soaks into the bandage making for a stinky leg after a few days.  But that's ok, as long as her leg is healing this quickly I can handle a little funk.

Race car yellow new bandage

She was also weighed today and weighs 37 pounds!  I am sure there is a point something on the end of 37 but I didn't ask.  Just hearing she weighs 37 is phenomenal.  When she was weighed on Friday the 13th she weighed a mere 31.4 pounds.  So this means our little girl has gained 6 pounds in ten days, even while furiously healing her leg!  That is greyt news and deserves another YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the prettiest pictures yet, don't you agree?

Some of you all have been asking about how much the vet bill will be.  I honestly have no idea and have not asked.  Fasthound and Sweetheart have been very blessed by the generous donations we have received via paypal and to Dr. Kolar directly.  We have also received donations through the mail.  All of these will help go towards her vet bill and anything left over will be used for food and bedding.  I will let everyone know how much her initial vet bill is once I pick her up on Saturday.  Please don't worry about this initial vet bill.  We have a great vet who works with us and gives us the best rate possible.  Thankfully, Fasthound is in a good position financially and is even more so thanks to all of your generous donations.

Dr. Kolar having to hold her so I can get a picture

Yet again with the wrestling down for a picture!

Once Sweetheart comes home the bills for her care do not stop.  She will come home Saturday and she will be on Petinic liquid vitamins for the forseeable future, amoxycillin twice a day for at least ten days.  She will be getting canned puppy food twice a day and dry puppy food multiple times a day.  We also plan to feed her cooked beef liver at a 1/4 pound a day for a week or so then we will up this to 1/2 pound a day as advised by Dr. Kolar.  The beef liver is the best thing to build up her red blood cell counts.  We will be feeding the beef liver as a treat as we don't want her to get the idea that beef liver should be her primary diet.  :)

She will be going to Dr. Kolar's once a week for bandage changes.  Once she is healthy and up to full weight we will have her spayed.  This will be far down the road and pretty much the last thing we have done to her vet wise.  Dr. Kolar doesn't want to think about spaying her until she is strong and healthy.  As all our fosters and personal dogs are neutered that isn't going to be a problem.

All this being said, any donations you make now or in the future are VERY appreciated.  We expect Sweetheart to take a minimum of six months to fully recover, maybe longer.  Her extreme state of emaciation means that her weight gain needs to be slow and steady.  She will have to rebuild all the muscle mass she lost and this will be done with good nutrition and consistent exercise.  We are going to give her all the time and resources she needs to make a full recovery so keep tuning into the blog in the days and weeks to come.


Hope you enjoyed tonight's update and pictures.  If you have any questions, post me a comment or send an email!


  1. Erika , Mom to MortyAugust 23, 2010 at 7:19 PM

    I love that little most beautiful Sweetheart.Thank you Jessica for your Narration of Update,always a little fun in there to .
    I have to say , I am always looking forward to the Update and Picture. Her Eyes and Face is Priceless.

  2. She gets more beautiful every day! Amazing weight gain too! I have been waiting all day for the update. So exciting!!!

  3. oh my gosh! tears through the post. she is so beautiful! when we come visit i am going to bring my shmancy camera and take tons of beautiful photos of her as well. love her!

  4. Hooray for this update!!!! I'll have a care package for her tomorrow at Dr. Kolar's. I'll be taking hubby with me to meet her, too. : )


  5. I like the face shots and her little ears!