Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Answer one question before tonight's update

How much weight did Sweetheart gain in the last five and a half days?  And don't cheat and look at my facebook page those of you who are my FB friends.

I will post tonight's update with the answer to that question when I get back from dinner.  I want to leave you all in suspense for a little while longer.  ;)


  1. Jessica , you are keeping us in Suspense. I can't wait to hear how much Sweetheart has gained on Weight.

  2. OK, I'll have a stab at 2 1/2 pounds? You sound very happy so I'm looking forward to reading your next post:-)

  3. Monday video was awesome -- she looks so HAPPY! When she looks up at you, her face reminds me of my Gidget -- sweet enough to make you melt in your tracks. It was super to see your other pups too -- brindle boy enjoying his scritchies made me smile.

    I'm going to guess 3 lbs.

    -- Batmom