Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taking time to *Smell the Flowers*

Sweetie loves turnout time. She especially loves morning turnout and searching in the morning glories and smelling the flowers. Enjoy the pictures from this morning about 8 AM.


I'd like to think she's *taking time to smell the flowers*, but I think I actually know what she's really doing. She's hunting for bumble bees and other flying critters. She really can't stand any flying insects! She will snap them out of the air if they get anywhere near her ... and she's usually successful. We've witnessed several flies meet their fate with Sweetie's speed and accuracy. She's too fast to stop her from doing it! However, we have been successful at keeping her from having any bumble bee snacks thus far.

This awesome, little girl is an excellent flying insect patrol dog! She will diligently search amongst the morning glories as long as we let her. We think her dislike of flying insects may be the only obvious baggage the little girl has left from her previous neglect situation. We feel she was probably tormented by flies, fleas and insects when she was starving and entangled in that cable with her horribly wounded leg. So now, she's making all flying insects pay! Or, maybe they are just very tasty! : )

She continues to do wonderfully well in every area. We've even found a dry dog food kibble that she actually enjoys (yes, yet another miracle). Her bandage change is scheduled at our group's vet tomorrow at 1:15 PM (not a second too soon ... this bandage is STINKY). I'll be sure to have pictures of wound healing progress to post. 

I'll also try to get some video for later today if we can get something before the promised rain arrives.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Hug your pups today and I hope Sweetie's pictures bring a smile to your face and remind you to slow down and take time to smell the flowers.



  1. Can you imagine the flies that must have tormented her back then? I'll bet she's seeking insect revenge!!

    Better a stinky bandage than an e-collar!!

    Thanks for helping take care of Sweetie!

  2. I agree ... much better a stinky bandage than an Elizbethan collar! I'm just looking forward to tomorrow. ; )

    I feel very privileged to help care for this little one. It's nothing extravagant or difficult ... it is truly a blessing.

    Oh, and Sweetie also got to enjoy a mani-pedi today. She loved it!!! : )


  3. Maybe for Sweetie I should have called her nail treatment a pedi-pedi? Whatever the correct term is, she loved it. She is a girl through and through. ; )

  4. Erika , Mom to MortySeptember 23, 2010 at 6:40 PM

    Just Gorgeous and so sweet .Fabulous.
    Thank you for takeing care of her and
    the beautiful Video and Pictures.

  5. Those pictures are precious!

    Bunny and Morgan are our fly catchers. It seems to be a big game with them this summer, but it grosses me out! I guess it is protein, though! *gag*

  6. Love the video and the photos.

    Hope the bandage change goes well today.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Shelly.

  7. Love the pictures!!! She's just so adorable :)