Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweetie's Big Day

Sweetie wants to say *hello* and tell everyone about her big day.

Today was her day to see our group's vet for a bandage change and to check her weight. So, here's today's weight ...

 Yes, that's 50.8 lbs. I was a bit disappointed that she has only gained a bit over 1/2 pound since Monday, but she is eating every bite of her frequent meals and she's been running full out at almost every turnout time. Our group's vet was very pleased and commented that her muscle building in her injured leg has really improved and is catching up with the muscle development of her right rear leg. He is happy with her progress and commented how her recovery has been miraculous.

We proceeded to the treatment room for her dressing change. Below are pictures of her current healing progress. It's simply astounding!

 Both of the veterinarians working with Sweetheart.

Here's Sweetheart's pretty face during her dressing change. She is actually relaxing and living up to her name by being a complete Sweetheart during the procedure.

A new length of Silverlon dressing was applied around her leg and then covered with this Kerlix gauze dressing for padding.

Then a nice, dark green vet wrap was applied and adhesive tape was added after this picture to keep everything securely in place.

 Now, I'm back at my temporary home and ready to run in the turnout with the other dogs again.

 I just have to break in this new bandage.

 And, I'm looking forward to dinner ... if you would please take a hint!!! ; )

Have a wonderful evening everyone and enjoy your pups. We'll update again tomorrow with more pictures and video too, if possible.

Shelly & Sweetheart


  1. Fabulous! Her leg is looking awesome, and with those "Feed me!" eyes and your superb care, I am sure the pounds will be creeping on. Wishing miracle girl and all her caretakers a wonderful weekend.

    -- Batmom

  2. Wow, it's almost healed! She's such a good dog, it's hard to believe anyone would purposefully hurt her.

  3. I think that's pretty good on the weight gain since Monday. She has been burning calories doing all the running! What a good girl she is!

  4. I'm sure that with all the playing she's doing, it must be hard to get a lot of weight on her. What a good girl she is!

  5. Can't believe how well the healing is going.

    Fab photos.

  6. Erika , Mom to MortySeptember 25, 2010 at 5:23 AM

    Everything about this little Girl is
    Miracalous. That she was still alife at the Time of her Rescue,the Weight Gain and the Healing on her Leg and the enormous spark in her Eyes.I just Love, Love,Love her.
    Shelly , Thank you for takeing greyt Care of her. You all have a greyt Weekend.

  7. Her leg is looking great!! Wow! I am constantly amazed by Sweetheart. I love her to pieces.

  8. Wow! Look at all the pink granulating tissue, just amazing how well her leg is healing and her weight is amazing too! =) She is a survivor for sure, what a good little girl!

  9. Has the vet said how many more weeks will she be bandaged? It looks like the healing is coming along well, but as if she still has a ways to go. She really is amazing!