Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning at the vet

Sweetheart went to the vet's office today for a bandage change.  We weighed her first thing and she weighs 41.4 pounds.  When we rescued her from the shelter Friday August 13th, she weight 31.4 pounds.  She has gained exactly 10 pounds in three weeks!!!.  That is pretty amazing, especially when you think her energy is being spent healing her leg.  The weight she is gaining is most noticeable on her ribs, neck and hind end.  She now has muscle where before she only had bone.

The bandage change went well.  Well, not according to Sweetheart.  She was NOT happy about being held down on the table while Dr. Kolar worked on her.  Dr. Kendi said she was the perfect patient before I took her home.  Now they seem to think she is spoiled or something and because of this Sweetheart isn't wanting to cooperate.  Of course, I will deny that she is spoiled to the end.  I mean, I have only had her a week, how spoiled could she be.  :)  The leg looks fabulous.  Today was the first time I had seen her leg unwrapped since we brought her in the 13th.  There is just a pinhole size of bone showing and that is surrounding by healthy tissue.    I would imagine by her next bandage change in the middle of the week that pinhole should be completely filled in.

I cannot wait for the leg to be completely healed.  I am ready for her to be able to walk around without a bandage and for her to be able to feel clean. I am also ready for her to have a bath so she can really food nice and clean.  But, for now, the bandage stays and the healing continues (which is a great thing).  Below are the pictures from the vet today.

Area where the bone is almost filled in.  Just a few
more weeks and I am hopeful the leg will be mostly healed.
The black areas are dried blood and not infection.  When you
use the Silverlon wrap it is not recommended to wash the wrapped
area with soap and water so that is why her leg looks a little
funky on the top and bottom.

I will try and get pretty Sweetheart pictures today or tomorrow that I will post the blog.  When she got home we fed her a can of puppy food and she had some treats.  Sweetheart is sleeping right now, the vet visit wore her out.  She will have a couple of visitors tomorrow morning and that should make her happy.

Hope you all have a nice day.  The weather here is gorgeous.


  1. Those are the most wonderful icky photos ever! We are watching a miracle. You're the best!

  2. She certainly is a miracle. It's remarkable how she is healing. The fact that she's restless at the vet shows how well she is doing. We stayed up late tonight to see if you got an update online. It's now just after 2am here in Perth. And this news made it worth staying up for.

    Spiffo & Cami

  3. While those pictures look awful, it's good to know that she's almost healed - leg-wise! Next a bath, fatten her up and a forever home. She so deserves to get all the love she was denied.

    Thank you for taking care of her!

  4. What an amazing transformation in the leg in only 3 weeks! I wouldn't have thought it possible that it could heal at all, it looked so bad to begin with. So pleased to read about the weight gain, that's marvellous too:-) Of course Sweetheart isn't spoilt, she's just getting what she deserves!

  5. I am so happy she is doing so well, the wound looks good and healing! Yeah on the 10 pounds, lol on the puppy food. I wish I could hug her. She probably thought she would never wake up from her bad dream and now it has happened and she is happy and loved.

  6. Erika ,Mom to MortySeptember 4, 2010 at 5:21 PM

    Amazing, amazing ..... Miracles do happen. Sweetheart , I want to hold you and Love on you to make it all better. Jessica thanks for the Update . I am looking every Night for an Update or Pictures.Thanks again . Not only is Sweetheart a Star , you are to Jess.

  7. Ahhh, the sight of healthy tissue! Good job! Spoiled, she deserves nothing but being spoiled!!! Can't wait to see what next week brings.

  8. That's amazing that it's healed so much so quickly! When I saw the first pictures of it, I wasn't sure the leg would heal.

    Spoiled?! Pshaw! She was born to be the companion to kings and queens! A little drama from a Greyhound princess is to be expected!

  9. I'm quite convinced the dog in the picture at the top of the blog is NOT the same dog pictured laying in the crate! 110% turn around for sure. Positive attitude obviously begets positive outcomes ;)

    Be prepared - the stronger she gets the more uncooperative at the vet she will become!

  10. Wow, incredible news....10lbs and a very healthy, albeit yucky looking, leg....:)

  11. Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing, a real pro. It has been a learning experience for most of us I'm sure, watching the process of healing. Throw tons of love into it, and VIOLA!! (don't grade me on spelling)