Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweetie's Newest Adventure

Well, Sweetie's doing great on her first sleepover! We've got Sweetie and Bavarian with us for the next several days while Jessica and Les take a much needed and well earned vacation. We're thrilled to have Sweetie and the B-man with us and hope that Jessica and Les have a great time while they're away. (Maybe if we're lucky they will post some pictures of their vacation fun!)

Sweetheart has made such amazing improvement in the past 5 weeks that it's almost impossible to believe if I hadn't witnessed it myself. We don't see ribs now and those little hip bones are slowly looking much better. She's using her injured leg much more and rarely goes to 3 leg traveling since she's been with us.

She's eating her canned puppy food like a champ and her treats. She's not wild about her dry food, even when I mixed it with her canned and a bit of fat free yogurt. The girl can't be fooled. She knows what she wants and what she likes!

She especially loves turnout time. We introduced she and Bavarian to our crew carefully and had our pups tired before allowing them to meet with them. Our regular crew seems to be a mix of a roller derby/smackdown group and the fun police. However, once they get their energy ran off in the morning, they are the picture of politeness. (cough, cough) Sweetie loves to run in the turnout and I tried to catch her on video, but failed. However, I'll upload a couple of clips that I did get and hope for better luck next time with the filming.

Here are some pictures from this morning's turnout of this happy, little girl to enjoy.

Sweetie talking ...

Sweetie by the morning glories with Bavarian in the background ...

A close view from the side of Sweetie ...

and Sweetie sniffing something interesting in the turnout ...

And here's a couple of video clips from turnout this morning ...

Just an FYI, the doghouse in the turnout is for keeping dog toys out of the weather only and it's nearly full of toys. It's never used by any dogs. They all stay in our house.

I'll try to keep everyone updated with plenty of Sweetheart news, pictures and video clips daily. If something really cute happens, I'll do an extra post! ; )

Feel free to ask questions or make special picture or video requests and I'll see what I can do. 

We're thrilled to get the opportunity to be Sweetie's temporary, vacation foster parents ... and to have Bavarian too!

Glad to meet each of you,



  1. Shelly, is this area at your house? I am jealous I live in California in a Townhome with no yard, we have to take our dogs to the elementary school or the beach to run around it looks beautiful there and Sweetheart looks great and Jess I hope you are having a greyt vacation.

  2. Yes, Rhonda, this is at our home out in the country. We love it out here! However, there are trade offs. Every time the wind blows too hard or the weather gets iffy at all, we lose our electricity. We also drive 10 miles to get to the grocery store and there's no pizza delivery! Other than those issues, we totally love it out here. : )

  3. Hi Shelly, Looks like Sweetheart and Bavarian have settled right in.

  4. Looks like a greyt place for a couple of retired pups to hang out!

  5. Erika , Mom to MortySeptember 21, 2010 at 6:25 PM

    Great Place to have a Vacation Sweetie and Bavarian.
    Shelly Thank you for taken good Care of that Sweetie and her Big Brother . Beautiful Land/Turnout for this Houndies.

  6. Words can't express my love and gratitude for the care, love and compassion of everyone who is taking care of Sweetheart! You are all angels!

  7. I still wish I could sneak over there and dognap her! She's just a doll! I hope you're having fun with her.

  8. Sweetie's always smiling these days:-) It's great to see her so happy at your place too. And why wouldn't she be, it looks like greyhound heaven!

  9. I would love to see a reuion video of sweetie when Jessica and Les get back from vaction

  10. She looks amazing--like a new dog, which she really is. <3

  11. She looks great! From the pictures and videos she looks real close to a healthy weight.