Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi from the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)!

So I just saw Sweetheart's leg for myself this afternoon.  Les wasn't lying to me when he said the progress from last week to this week was simply amazing.  To go from open, dry bone and necrotic tissue to a small scab is a miracle (there's that word again).  Dr. Kolar said if it wasn't for her other open spots on her leg (which are shrinking rapidly) that bandage could come off.  As it is, I doubt that bandage will be needed to terribly longer.  Again, SOOO very thankful for this little girl's ability to heal, if only we could bottle her healing power we would live forever.  :)

Les said Sweetheart was being a good girl for him today.  Played some with her chew toy Jackie and was lying in her crate sleeping nicely today.  The weather is Oklahoma has cooled off fairly nicely so now she is able to stay outside for a longer period of time.  They all love the cool breeze while lying in the fluffy grass.

I am excited to get her spay done but I am kinda wishing it wasn't coming so soon because I want to be selfish and foster her for longer.  :)  Plus I hate that we have to put her through surgery and pain when she is feeling so good.  However, I know the spay is absolutely necessary and it is the best thing for her.

As always, thanks to everyone for keeping up with our little Sweetheart saga.  She is truly loved by everyone in Oklahoma and around the world and for that I am so very grateful!

Les hopes to get some pics and maybe a video for your enjoyment tomorrow sometime.  As it is I talk to him a few times each day and get all the updates.  Course, greyhounds sleep more than they are awake so those updates aren't always the most fascinating.  :)

Hope everyone is doing well!



  1. will she be going to a meet and greet?

  2. I don't really want to think about her going somewhere else, either. :(

  3. She is going to be going to a Halloween meet and greet in Oklahoma City on a Friday before Halloween (I think) I will have details soon and they will be on soon as well. It is an evening event from 7-9.

  4. With her healing abilities, the spay will be fine once she gets over the effects of the anesthetic! ;)

  5. It must be hard for you to think of her going to a forever, why don't you keep her? I think you deserve to have her in your life, after all the love you've given her.

  6. Many thanks to Jess and Shelly for the continued updates and pics, and to the staff at Dr. Kolar's for the amazing work on her leg. This girl has had premium care from all of you, and it shows.

    -- Batmom

  7. I really don't know if I will keep her or not. I have three of my own right now and adding a fourth would be tough because I have to keep fostering for the group and that means I would have a minimum of six dogs all the time. It is just something I will have to think about but a decision that is far from being made at this point.

  8. I look at the picture at the top of the page and look at her current pictures and it's just amazing. Yes..a miracle. Thanks to you and to Dr. Kolar and everyone who has helped Sweetheart.

  9. Hi

    I have just been directed to this story by Spiffy. I cannot praise you all enough for the remarkable care you have shown to Sweetheart, she is one very lucky dog to have found you. I also admire your dignity in commenting on her previous owner.

    Her name suits her perfectly as she does appear to be an absolute sweetheart. I am amazed at how well her leg has healed in such a short time and without any surgical intervention!

    Keep up the good work, you obviously do it very well, Kelly

  10. A Halloween Meet and Greet? What's her costume going to be?

  11. Mrs Gunn: She is going as a recovering cruelty case. ;) We are not going to humiliate her like some who dress their dogs up at ballerinas and hula girls, naming no names.

    Sorry the blog hasn't been updated everyone, blame it on Les. However, he is taking good care of Sweetheart and she is still thinking she is tough and barking outside at night. I got to hear her barking tonight.