Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Being a TV diva is really tiring!

I hope most of you saw or will get a chance to see Sweetheart on the news tonight.  The link is:  If you click on the video with her you will have to wait about five minutes for the news article on Sweetheart to come up.  I am working with a volunteer to get a scaled down clip posted to the blog.

She is doing good tonight, ate her canned puppy food and treats well again.  She is now passed out in her crate. She had a big day and needs her beauty sleep.  :)

So very sleepy!  The classic greyhound "roach" position.
All you crazy greyhound folks out there know what the
"roach" is all about.  If your friends and family don't,
give them a little greyhound relaxation lesson. 
She bunches up her bedding then stretches out for a snooze!
Close up!
GRR!  She looks like she is growling but she isn't.  She is just very sleepy
and not thrilled with the camera in her face yet again.


  1. She is looking better everyday! So adorable!!!

  2. Get a good night's sleep baby girl!

  3. Being a celebrity is hard work! Rest up, Sweetheart! I have a feeling it won't be your only brush with fame.

  4. That looks very much like the greyhound smiles i've seen on youtube... my girl doesn't smile but looks like Sweetheart does

  5. I am so happy that she is doing so well; i have said many prayers for our Sweetheart. Bless her little heart. She seems so content.

  6. She is one happy little hound and I hope she gets more than her 15 minutes of fame, she deserves it.

  7. Erika , Mom to MortySeptember 2, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    I love ,love, love this little Girl . I just want to Hug her and tell her,she is in good Hands now. Life is getting better.

  8. So, cute....Sophie is my roacher and Izee sleeps with her eyes open at times, really weird to see, almost looks like that's what Sweetheart is doing too. She looks so GOOD!!!!

  9. It is such a pleasure to see her relaxing on a clean, white, soft, comfortable bed. She soooo deserves this comfort and love that she is receiving =]