Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday evening

No new video tonight, the cameraman is sleeping.

As I have said before, I feel like a record with a skip in it since the update is usually always the same.  :)  Sweetheart had another good day.  Played a little and ran around the back yard trying to play with the other dogs.  She hasn't quite gotten the hang out of how to get them to play with her but I have no doubt she will do so in the near future.

Les is taking her for a bandage change tomorrow at 1:30.  I am really hoping that she has gained a pound or so. We shall see.  I will definitely let you know tomorrow evening how the bandage change went.


  1. Sounds good! Still love the updates!!!

  2. Whether she's gained weight or not, she is looking much better! She's filling out and her personality is definitely emerging! I'm always glad to hear that she's had another good day!

  3. Love the updates. May I make a suggestion? How about putting a "before" and "after" picture as your heading? While everyone should see the disturbing before shot, Sweetie deserves a blog that shows her up top AFTER too!! Anyway, just a thought...

  4. Not that I want you to stop blogging, but it will be a great day when Sweetheart is fully recovered, if indeed that's possible, and she becomes a normal healthy hound. Mind you none of them are 'normal', they are all extraordinary.

    Always ...

  5. Good luck with the bandage change.

    I am sure she will pick up playing by watching the other dogs. She's already got the hang of chasing that ball:)