Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Channel Four TV news article

Sweetheart will be on Channel Four News tonight at 6 and maybe at 10!


  1. Sooooooooo sweetheart is up for adoption???? She looked so pitiful on tv!! Poor little thing :(

  2. Umm no, not quite up for adoption yet. ;) That picture they used of her in her crate was one we took at our house yesterday, she looked way horrendous when we first found her.

  3. What a difference from when you first got her. She's still so thin but in the video she just looks "Happy" to be on the way back to health and at a safe and loving place with plenty to eat and drink and, of course treats. She has such a sweet face and her eyes are bright and clear. Good job to all. Paul did great on TV.

  4. I just watched the news interview.....I cant get over the fact that the old owner said accidents happen, that was not an accident! Why was your dog tied up in the back yard 24/7.
    If the police are only going to charge her with a few hundred dollars. I think the rescue group need to good after her for the vet bill. ( I know the bill was taken care of by wonderful people who donated) but she need to pay it back to the group so they can use the money to help save other greyhounds!.