Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Evening

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog the last few days.  I have been feeling rather depressed the last day or so and mainly slept.  My friend is battling cancer, my grandma was just diagnosed with throat cancer on Wednesday and then worrying about Sweetheart just sort of hit me like a truck I think.  I will try to not falter on the updates from here on out.

Sweetheart went to the vet Friday for a bandage change (as most of you know if you viewed the pics and video already).  I figured I would just give you a little update in print tonight.  Her leg no longer has any bone showing and the tissue appears, to me, to be filling in nicely. Her wounds still need to fill in a little but I don't think it will take much longer.  I asked Dr. Kolar how he thought her leg was doing and he said "Great".  That one word means a ton!

She will have to wear the bandage for a while longer because even though the tissue has filled in, the skin still has to grow over the new tissue.  Dr. Kolar didn't give me a time frame regarding how long this will take and I am not concerned.  He did say that she will most likely have to wear a halo once the bandage comes off so that she won't lick the new growth raw.  I really dread the halo, I would rather her just have the bandage but I will do what is best for her.

She gained .4 pounds this past week so her weight is 41.8 pounds.  I discovered she had tapeworms, Dr. Kolar slyly said "I don't know why she would have tapeworms, it isn't like she had any fleas"  :)   Dr. Kolar treated her for tapes this Friday. He also said her lack of dramatic weight gain can also be attributed to higher activity level at my house since she is going outside and moving around more.  I feel as long as she isn't losing weight she is doing fine.  I feel these next ten or so pounds will be slow to gain.  Her body's need to intake vast amounts of food has decreased and she has stabilized.  I am still feeding her all she wants and two cans of puppy food a day and treats but she is moving more and still healing that leg and her whole body in general.
Of course, I know that the ridding of tapeworms will help in the weight gain but I still do not expect any dramatic weight gain like the prior three weeks.

Sweetheart is gaining more energy.  She chased me around the yard today and this evening.  She played a little with a toy tonight in the house.  When Les tried to film her playing with a toy, she dropped the toy and stared at him and then got up and walked away.  DIVA!  She really does seem to be quite giddy today.  She is being silly and I am so happy to see silly.  She ate her canned dog food like a champ today and gobbled down treats this evening.  All in all, I cannot ask for a better patient.  I am very very lucky to have her here and hope she continues making good progress.

A couple thanks yous to share.  One of Sweetheart's fans generously bought and donated a Flip for us to take and post video of Sweetheart to this blog.  The two videos posted earlier today are from that donated Flip.  A big thank you to this fan (you know who you are).  In addition, when I walked into Dr. Kolar's office Friday I noticed three cards tacked to his cork board (he has a big cork board used for business cards and lost/found pets, etc).  Two of these three cards had greyhounds on the front.  I thought " Hmmm, I wonder if these are cards for Sweetheart"?  Lo and behold they were.  Three of you sent him thank you cards for the great care Dr. Kolar and his staff gave and continue to give her.  That means a lot to me.  Dr. Kolar and his staff saved her life and without them she wouldn't be home with me recovering so well.  So thank you to her three fans for sending him those cards!  And, as always, thank you to all who view her blog and post comments.  The response to this blog and this little dog has been astounding.  I am so very grateful for all your kind thoughts and words, it really does mean a lot to me and to our Fasthound volunteers.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  I will try to not let full day pass without doing some sort of post.


  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging! We all understand that. Plus, we also know that sometimes you need to be away from the computer spoiling Sweetheart! ;) I am so happy for her that she's made such amazing improvement and recovery. Thanks to you for sharing her with us!

  2. Don't apologize. You have a lot going on in your life. Mental stress is more exhausting than physical work any day of the week. It sounds like you have had your share of that. I feel a little teary eyed tonight when I read this post. To think how far this girl has come, it is truly amazing. You need to take care of yourself too. For yourself, Sweetheart, your pups and your friends and family! You are doing a greyt job!

  3. Wishing your friend and now your Gran all the best. I've been dealing with some brain tumours for a while now and it ain't fun. You are a FABULOUS person and hearing that you're having a day under the doona is ok as long as it's just a day. Please please please take care of yourself. Tell that hubby of your to do his sexy dance for you, that should either cheer you up or give you a laugh. So glad to hear about Sweetheart's continued good progress. It's not easy being a legend Jessica but you are doing a great job. As always our love to you & your family.

  4. So sorry you are feeling low and that your loved ones are having such a hard time. Sending additional prayers your way. Hope Sweetheart's progress is helping your heart as well, it certainly is mine. Thanks for all that you do, and do so well.

  5. Hey Jessica, don't spread yourself too thin! Your friend and Grandma need you as well as Sweetheart. Those of us who are enthralled with Sweetheart's blog will understand if you need some breathing space. You are carrying a pretty heavy load right now with everything going on in your life and need to look after yourself as well as everyone else. On the other hand, it can often help to have some sympathetic ears so if you need to get anything off your chest we're here for you. As Spiffo said, you're a legend:-)

  6. Thank you all for the kind words. I am not spreading myself too thin. I just had a down day and needed the recharge. Doing better today! Spiffo: I am sorry you are having to deal with brain tumors, that is really difficult. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the very best.

  7. Ohhh Jessica, you don't have to explain nothing to us.If you have a Down Day, you are entitled to it.We are here to Support you and that sweet Girl Sweetheart. It does my Heart good to hear she is doing greyt.
    I am glad to hear you are doing better and please,please take care of yourself.